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    Winners of the Brand Quiz

    We are happy that two of the nine participants did meet the criterion of getting at least 10 answers correctly in the Brands' Quiz so the rewards will not remain in the ISC cupboard!

    The winner with the highest number of points is Dhruv who bags the cash reward of Rs.50/- with 50 points, and the second prize of Rs.40/- with 40 points goes to Dr. Deepali Gangwar. Congratulations to both of you!

    The final tally of points is-
    1. Syed Rizwan- 8
    2. Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao- 6
    3. Jannane M.- 6
    4. Dr. Sanchita Ranjan- 3
    5. Dr. Deepali Ganwar- 10
    6. Umesh- 7
    7. Sanjeev Gupta- 9
    8. Shampa Sadhya- 9
    9. Dhruv- 12

    All the seven other non-winning participants will be given 1 point and 1 cc for each correct answer, which will be credited to your responses in the main announcement thread. The answers and the hint in the clues will be posted in a response below. It would be nice if members participated in larger numbers, even if you know only a couple of answers. Please let us know if there is an error in the tally of your points.
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    The answers and the hint in the clues are as follows-
    1. Logitech – in the competitive computerized world, not as timid as its mouse.
    - Makes computer-related products, well known for its mouse & keyboard especially, and has made its own mark in a competitive market.
    2. Ikea – just a single change of letter; and its innovative furniture has arrived.
    - An iconic globally well-known furniture brand that has set up stores in India as well.
    3. LG – an electronics' acronym but not a KG class.
    - Popular brand of electronic appliances; 'K' in 'KG' replaced with 'L'.
    4. Videocon – moving image? Not a scam!
    - A video is a moving medium, and 'con' is akin to a scam as it dupes people.
    5. Firefox – wily, can ignite the browser.
    - Fire ignites; a fox is known as a wily animal (even a wily person is referred to as a fox)
    6. Apollo Hospital - not exactly a Greek God, but provides a healing touch.
    - Apollo is a Greed God; a hospital is where people seek healthcare services to be healed.
    7. Taj – sip a hot beverage in the presence of royal splendour.
    - The Taj Mahal is a royal monument; it's the most famous tea brand in India.
    8. Maruti Gypsy – A popular wanderer, may perhaps see a return on the roads.
    - A gypsy is a wandering person; the mention of 'on the roads' referred to a vehicle.
    9. Nataraj – holding this, many of us put down our first a,b, c steps on paper, but not dancing ones!
    - Nataraja is the depiction of Lord Shiva as a dancer; this brand's pencil was one we used (other than Apsara, Camlin brands) when we first started writing.
    10. Camlin – introduced us to the world of colours in multiple dimensions.
    - Famous brand of crayons, colour pencils, paints
    11. Motorola – One of your first mobile communication devices perhaps?
    - Many people will likely have used this brand (other than Nokia) of mobile phones before moving on to smartphones.
    12. HP – neither oil nor gas, right now you may be hyphenating words on it!
    - This was in reference to HP laptops, the word 'hyphenating' is a reference to the brand Hewlett-Packard as a hyphenated name.
    13. Kissan – their yummy bottled products will be found in many a refrigerator.
    - Squashes, jams, sauces…you'll find this brand in many homes in the fridge.
    14. Domino's Pizza – a tasty topped crust even without #13 may trigger a chain reaction of repeat orders.
    - The 'crust' and the topping of #13 (Kissan sauce) hinted at a pizza; a domino effect means setting off a chain of similar events.
    15. HMT – many of you may have got your first time management reward with this.
    - An HMT watch perhaps may have been our first reward from your parents on getting good exam results or as a special gift for some other occasion.

    I think the first one was a little abstract, so congrats to Jannane, Dr. Deepali, and Sanjeev Gupta for getting that answer right, and to Umesh for being the only one to get Videocon correctly. The browser clue was likely the easiest!

    Please give your input- which clue was the most difficult and which was the easiest? Did you take help from any family member or friend to solve it or check brand names online?

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    Congratulations to the winners for their maximum correct answers. This was really a very interesting quiz. Many members participated in it and some clues were really very cryptic and required much pondering to get the answer. Thanks for conceiving this quick quiz for the last Sunday.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Oh, I gave 6th as Apollo pharmacy, I was too close.

    It was a nice quiz and hope to have such quizzes in the future too. I didn't take anyone's help to solve it.


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    First I congratulate the winners and all the participants in this contest. Mam, This is Jannane, I am getting 6 points

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    Very nice quiz. Wonder, how you got to make them. Some of the clues were awesome, as if by a professional. I think Kissan and Camlin were the easiest. Got them at the first look itself. Got to know of the quiz very late at the nth hour. Just managed to submit.
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    Congrats to Dhruv and Dr Deepali for winning the brand quiz competition which was unique and well played. My appreciation also goes to the other seven members who tried their best to win and their participation itself a great trait.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations to Dr. Deepali and Dhruv for winning the brand quiz competition. It was really very interesting. All member tried best to win this quiz.

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    Congratulation to Dhruv for scoring the highest points in the brand quiz and winning the quiz. I'd like to express my gratitude to ISC for awarding me this prize. I also pay my thanks to the members for their wishes. All the members really did well. The questions were tricky and mind-boggling. I am amazed at how Vandana, ma'am, created such a wonderful quiz. For me, Ikea, LG, and Firefox were very easy. I guessed Camlin but then landed on another word. But of course, I couldn't understand Taj.

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    Congratulations to the winners. very interesting and I have gone for some products instead of brands. Anyhow,good learning experience and congratulations to the designer of the quiz. A very nice way the quiz is designed. Thanks to The Managing Editor for conducting the quiz.
    always confident

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    My congratulations to all the winners of this interesting Brand Quiz. Actually, I saw this announcement quite late and managed to correctly answer only a couple of questions. If I got more time to think about the answers I could have participated.

    Well done, the winners and best wishes to all the participants.


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    Jannane M. - you are right. By default, I have given one point for the HP answer, so that would be included in your Tally of points as well. I will make the necessary corrections. Thank you.
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    Hearty congratulations to Dhruv and Dr Deepali! It was not an easy contest and so appreciations to all the participants.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    A big congratulation to the winners for their best participation. Wish you all the very best for many more rewards as your performance in the future too.

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    Oh, I gave 6th as Apollo pharmacy, I was too close.

    It was a nice quiz and hope to have such quizzes in the future too. I didn't take anyone's help to solve it.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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