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    Which thing do you believe best- Children studying in Boarding school or attending school from home?

    All the parents wish that their children should excel well in studies, co-curricular activities with very good discipline. They wish to spend any much amount to give good education to their children. Some parents find that their children if they attend school by staying at house become much indisciplined because of their pampering. So even they dare to join in good boarding schools so that they get well disciplined with timely activities at the school. By joining them in boarding school most of the burden they get rid off. But some parents can't leave their children like that and they think children loose their love towards parents if they join them in boarding schools. In your opinion which is best option. Give your option along with your reasons.
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    I strongly believes that all work and no play would make the child dull and boring and even gets into angry mode because the boarding school life is the total detachment from the family and bonding of close relatives and others and therefore the child at the teen age wants to have all fun and frolic and if that is denied, there would be hate of people emerging from the inner heart. First of all the parents would loose their connect with the children and cannot expect same bonding. The life at boarding place cannot be assured good as all the students who are frustrated may plan something wrong and that would affect even the sincere boys. And when the child comes back to the home after completion of studies in boarding school, he was totally detached from the life, feel lonely even among the family and thus waste life there after.
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    It is good if the children attend school from home. Daily he/ she can go to school and come back home is the best always. Teenage is very critical in the lives of individuals. They may not be completely mature at that age but they think they are grown up and they consider their thinking only as of the correct thinking. So the parents should be watching them closely and correcting them as and when required. Whether they are coming back in time or not, how they are studying etc can be known when they come home daily. We should not treat them with suspicion. We should suggest to them the correct way of living.
    When they are in a hostel, there are chances they may get exposed to some unnecessary habits and they may not concentrate much on studies due to indulging in unwanted activities. That will spoil their lives. But if they are attending school from home, the parents can notice their momemts.

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