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    What are the best Apps. you downloaded from Play store recently?

    Play store is a store house thousands of useful Apps. These Apps. will be so much useful for different in different situations. When we know about the use of particular App. we download it and test whether it is useful for us or not. Sometimes we get information in news papers about the usefulness of specific Apps. ISC members also have experienced the use certain Apps. in the playstore. Members please suggest the Apps. that you come across that are useful to everyone. Please explain how they are helpful and useful for us.
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    Though the apps are duly verified and hoisted by the play store, yet we should not rush to download some apps which are even detrimental to our phone security and stealing of data. Normal apps are good and even facilitate our daily work, but while downloading there are every other chance of peeping new apps and if by mistake if we select them, then there are more security risk for the phone and data may be stolen. We have to wait and watch as we always gets feed back of new apps from our friends and relatives and only after that kind of authentication and assurance we may feel guaranteed to download such apps. The internet is also closely watched by the wrong doers and they can peep into our data and steal. Therefore we must be in limits with the available apps and should not venture on new apps.
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    Play Store is a very good place for downloading mobile applications and as it is backed by Google we can expect that these have been checked by the Google team and they should be safe and secure for our use. Every day some new apps are added to Play Store and we have to select out of them or out of the already existing ones if it is really of usefulness to us.
    Recently I downloaded Kindle app and it is very good for reading ebooks especially bought from Kindle Store.

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    There are many apps that we can download from the playstore and use on our smartphones. There are apps that are essential for online transfers and other financial activities related apps. So we can download and use them. Gpay, Phonepe, PayTM and many other apps are there. Everybody can download them and use them as required. Similarly, our banks also have come out with some apps and we can download them on our mobile phones where we can operate our account.t
    There is one App called Stotra Nidhi. In this, you will have Stotras related to all Hindu Gods are available. You can download that app on your smartphone and go through and you can select some and place them in a file that is available on the app and you can read them whenever you have some time to read.
    Fast tag app is also very important. I purchased a fast tag from Airtel and for that, I downloaded my Airtel app in which this fast tag was given.

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    I have downloaded Cash Karo app. This app covers Amazon,Flip cart and many popular on line sellers. When you want to purchase any item on line, you should access Cash Karo app first,then buy. You will get cash back on your account after the item is delivered . You can buy some more products with the money you can divert it to your bank account.

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