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    How do you evaluate a child on their grip over the studies ?

    Recently there was a marriage gathering in our family and obviously there were more school going children among them and that made me to have interaction and even played fun games with them. I gave four words of my choice and asked them to say instantly the sentences out of it. Some came up with five to six sentence and their detailing was awesome connecting to those words and all this done without thinking much nor given time to write. That was awesome experience and I could able to gauge as to how the modern children are having total grip over the vocabulary and words.
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    When I was in high school I attended a marriage function of one of my relatives. I was in 7th class. Almost there were 5 boys of my age in that gathering. A relative of ours who attended the function conducted a competition for all the 6 of us. Each boy has to recite as many poems as he can and the boy who recites the highest number of poems without any mistakes will be the best and he will be the winner. I am lucky I recited more poems than all the other 5 boys.
    Like this, we can assess the talent of the school-going children by asking questions relevant to them now and then.
    We can assess the kids by asking simple but tricky questions in mathematics, English and other subjects also.

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    The best is to attract the attention of the kids is to encourage them for the participation for antarakshari where the last word pronounced by a boy the next boy has to start a new word considering the end of the last word or ask them a few tricky maths questions and offer them awards for their best performance. They would start happily anticipating that they would be best winners. If go closely to their groups, they would surprise you with their lot of discoveries which you might not known otherwise. What we need is we should have interest to know them truly and they would quickly respond to your queries if you develop intimacy.

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    Today the children especially the meritorious ones are more aware about so many things that we cannot imagine that happening in earlier times when we were students. To find out the depth of knowledge of the children we can ask some questions of academic interest or general quizzes or riddles related to language or science matters and from their answers we can immediately assess their level and knowledge. Every student will not be expert in every subject. Some will have interest in Science while others will have good knowledge in English. I have seen some students who are very good in mathematics but are not doing well in other subjects. So for assessing them we have to ask questions over a broad spectrum rather than a specific subject.
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