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    Structured elaboration is the key to lengthy writings

    Many people have passion for writing. Some write articles, some write stories, some go for novels, some write text books, some even go for a series of books as a sequel to the original etc. I was always wondering how some people were able to write such lengthy books or novels going in thousands of pages when we take account of all the sequels in the series. My first experience of reading such a book was the suspense, phantasy, and detective story in Hindi language set in the background of ancient India and the name of the series was Chandrakanta Santati. It had 6 volumes and each volume had 4 parts and each of the part was almost like an average pocket book. It took me months to finish that story and it was quite enthralling. The book was written by Devaki Nandan Khatri and it is said to be the first of its kind in Hindi language. Later I got opportunity to read some other such lengthy books and found one thing in common that they were meticulously structured in their layout by going in elaborate details of everything and matching that with the story going forward so that the interest of the readers is maintained till the end of the book.
    Have you gone through such lengthy books? What are your observations about their layout and storyline? Is it not difficult to write such lengthy books and sustaining the interest of the readers in it? Please share your views.
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    What the author said is right. Structured approach to the content would make it more detailing and also connect with the story line in a broad way. There are authors who take to the advantage of telling stories in the narrated manner, take to branch stories and come back to the original one and that journey of shift would be fantastic narration Some times the story would be detailed in such a manner wherein what is going on in camp one and camp two is narrated side by side and the screen play like writing would make us understand the story line very fast and even rememberable. One thing is sure it is the editing mind on the part of author would make the story more attractive and arresting. Even narrating the nature, the author would connect to the storyline and that is worth studying and reading because that kind of writing is rare.
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    Writing a book requires a lot of dedication and understanding of the subject. It is not an easy task. There is a popular saying that only a committed person with focus and concentration can only write a good book. (Only saints can write Kayvas.) The author should know where he should elaborate and where he should straight forward. It all depends on the planning.
    A writer before starting his work may plan his work and make a sketch of chapters and what to deal with in each chapter. A skeleton may be made and then go on detailing each section and subsection of the book.
    Before attempting to write an article or a book, one should understand the subject completely and he should be able to explain all the important aspects of the subject without any exemption. Then only he can do good on the topic he has selected.

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    Writin of any genre does not come easily . In fact,it needs plenty of efforts and determination to write long sentences without errors. However,when one achieves thistarget ,there is no stopping. The person keeps on writing shrot stories and articles till he reaches the stage of writing novels and short stories. Therefore,it is not a pain for them to write elaborately but pleasure to pen their creativity by way of writing books. No doubt,the readers read the writing of such authors with much admiration.

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