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    Ropeways are to be developed where road access not possible

    Parvatmala, the grand program to develop modes of conveyance to the difficult mountains in many states. Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir. As of now 8 ropeway projects in the above states are to be developed to the total area of 60 km. Some tourist spots and pilgrim centers are situated in high mountains and due to vagaries of nature, the road transport has become constant problems and therefore developing ropeway is the best way to promote tourism and culture. What are the places in your area need ropeway to suggest inclusion in next project.
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    I visited many pilgrim places in our country. Many of them are in mountains only. But there are no ropeways to them. In some places, they are considering now and making ropeways there. In some areas, helicopters are there but they are costly and if the climate is not good they may not operate.
    If the height is not very high people will go on foot through the stairs that are provided. In some places there are buses. Tirupathi is one place where only buses are allowed. There are no helicopters or ropeway. I don't know whether it is possible are not, but it will be good if they can think of having a ropeway.
    In the same way, there are many pilgrim places in Tamilnadu like Palani etc. If it is allowed and possible it is better to have ropeways to such temples also. In Vizag, there is a ropeway for Kailasa Giri as a tourist spot but no ropeway to Laksmininaeasimha Swamy temple at Simhachalam.

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    I think this is the high time that government should give a thrust on building ropeways in the inaccessible places especially the places which are of tourist importance. The inclination of people for visiting different places is on an increase and the tourist activities are going to increase significantly in the coming times not only with the increase of domestic tourists but also the foreign tourists. In this scenario it makes sense to build more ropeways in various places which will help the tourists in reaching the desired spot conveniently and in less time. The main problem in ropeways is the regular maintenance and up keeping. So government has to call for the private partnership in this venture.
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