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    Dogs remain obedient even if people deceive themselves

    It is natural that whoever you give a chance to in this society will use his opportunity. If you take steps knowingly and knowingly, you are less likely to be deceived. Because people are killing people out of greed, they are cheating. But look at a dog, not only sweet, their hearts are full of love. The little things they do are the big things we need in our lives. The connection that dogs make with humans is incredible. Dogs wag their tails at people who even throw stones at them. They can be too innocent to hate. This applies to all breeds of dogs. I have rarely seen a dog harm a human. They know everything is love, even if it is not reciprocated. Dogs have lived with humans since the beginning of civilization. They value their lives with us, not just for food and care. Dogs actually think of us as their family. So in many cases, they are more reliable than humans. What is your comment?
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    Dog is a very faithful animal. They gave a great company to us. Even if we give food to the stray dogs in the streets they will recognise us from a far distance and wag their tails and show their love to us. People who keep dogs as a pet in their house know these things very well. Once we keep them with us then they become like a family member.
    It is very true that dogs will not deceive us. In fact they take care of the house and property even in our absence. If any intruder tries to enter the house forcibly they will start barking and even attack that person. Faithfullness is the great quality of these dogs and that is why many people keep them as pet in their houses. We cannot compare the faithfulness and dedication of a dog towards its owner with that of human beings. Human beings are not reliable because they will have some apparent behaviour and behind that they may have some inferior motive.

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    Animals are more loyal and obedient to their bosses. The boss gives them food to eat and takes care of them. So they show their affection always and shows their faith in the boss. That is why people feel it is safe to have a pet dog in the house. A dog is happy if it gets food and shelter. But a human being is not like that. He has many aspirations. He has many desires. He will always strive for fulfilling those desires and ambitions. So they never bother changing their bosses or even cheating their bosses for their betterment. There is no issue in changing the boss but cheating the boss is never acceptable. In that respect, animals are far better than human beings.
    I have seen persons working in an organisation helping other organisations at the cost of the organisations they are working for. That is a very bad trait and an animal will never do that. All human beings should learn this quality from animals.

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    First of all, I fully agree with the author of this thread. It prompts me to narrate one of my recent experiences. During second wave of COVID-19 my children found a female dog with 6 newly born puppies during an evening walk. They did not have any shelter and the puppies were whining as they were hungry and wanted some food. My children came back home and took some biscuits and bread pieces to feed them. The puppies did not eat as they were too young. My children then tried milk which they consumed. Later, some other families of the society also started feeding them for a few months till they were grown up to eat bread etc. Now five of them have been taken away by someone but one is still there and is fully grown up. My children went out after the wave was over and we also lost touch. But one evening as we were on evening walk, we found one dog which came and virtually clung to us. I was afraid but my wife recalled that it was the one of those six puppies. There are many other dogs (stray) in the Society where we live. There are four parallel lanes about one km long each and we go for an evening walk covering all these lanes. Invariably we find that this dog appears from nowhere and goes in circles around us, sometimes sits on our feet. Maybe it shows his gratitude to us for saving him which normally is forgotten by the human beings.

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    What I observed from the close that the dogs are great concentrating animals and they recognize the liking people very much and they could gauge the person foot steps from far and would ran forward and receive the master or children. In one video I found a small kid was making a piggy back on the dog back and that awesome to watch that it makes cautious move not to loose balance and make fall of the kind. In another video the food being served to the master was not allowed to be eaten by others and the dog would guard the meals for sure. Likewise there are many traits we can tell about the Dog. That is why dog is always called God. That means Dogs behave in most respectable manner and they guard the house even though it was abused for one reason or the other. One thing is sure the dogs are obedient to the master.
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    I would request the author to modify the title of this thread as it is not clear what is meant by "even if people deceive themselves".

    It is not natural that everybody will be opportunist but since many people have this tendency we may feel it's natural. I do agree that dogs are very reliable, can safely guard us in various situations and their behaviour is always an example to others when we come across someone unfaithful. Men are intelligent but I don't consider unfaithfulness a sign of intelligence. There may be a momentary gain when one becomes unfaithful but later on when the nature of the person is known many try to move away from the person. The basic requirement of every animal is food and shelter and when the requirement is simple one can remain happy with food and shelter only. Dogs are very undemanding in nature, contrary to humans, and whoever provides them with food or shelter remain obedient to them.


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