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    Teach kids the importance of respecting their mothers

    Mother is one who carries her children with her in her body every moment day and night for more than 9 months. She never bothers about the difficulties she has to bear in that journey of 9 months. After nine months she will be showing the kids this world. She holds the hand of the kid and makes him walk with her and teach the kid many aspects of life. That is why we all say the mother is our first teacher. She feels happy if her kid is happy. She will forget her hunger if her kid is not hungry.

    But these days we see many people who never care for their parents. I have seen many mothers who are staying alone and suffering. It is the duty of the fathers to teach the kids about the troubles the mother is taking in keeping her kids happy and teach the importance of respecting and taking care of their mothers. If one learns to respect his mother, he will learn to respect all the women. I hope all the members will be in agreement.
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    True expression of words about a mother. The father should give importance to the mother so that the child will respect and love her. The child learns moral values only from home. When the lady of the house is being given importance by the inlaws and husband the children,listen and protect her forever. When she is put down,the mother is sent to the old age home when she loses her partner in future.

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