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    In what way drinking different types of juice help our body?

    In front of the park where people jog and walk early morning,some vendors sell different types of juice such as amla,bitter gourd,thulsi. I find people drinking a glass of juice of their choice. Do you think it will help people to improve their health. For reducing weight also there is some juice which is popular. Do you drink any of them? Have anybody recommend any of them?
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    Presently most of the morning walkers are more worried about keeping good health and immunity has been the main task for them and the drinks which are available at the entrance of walk ways park would certainly give a boost for the health and looks. Having exerted with running, jogging and walking, surely there would be some tiresome in the body and to replenish the lost strength, some have the habit of recouping or adding the ability again and therefore goes for the juice. All the above juices are good after the hectic exercises where in formidable calories has been lost. But what I found that those who walk for few steps, engage in gossips and meet the people over their are taking to these juices for the company and thus made the mockery of morning exercise. Anyways vendors are surviving on this and that is the take.
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    The various types of juices which are being consumed by the people especially in the morning time are basically the nutritive ones having a lot of minerals and vitamins in them as well as a good quantity of water which is required during the workouts or walking long distances. In Ayurvedic system also these things are strongly recommended for having a better health.
    Only thing in this matter is that we have to take care that we are taking them in hygienic way. We should clean those things thoroughly before cutting and juicing. As far as possible they should be immediately taken in fresh state itself. We should use either the disposable glasses or our own glasses for the purpose. I will reiterate that hygiene and cleanliness are the keys to have the the real benefits out of this.

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    It depends on the requirement. Fruits should be there in our diet and if you are taking fruits regularly there is no need to go for fruit juices. Other juices, which are mentioned in this thread are good for health as they have enough nutrients but again it is not necessary to have juices after a morning walk. The important thing is hygiene which Umesh Sir has already mentioned in his response and one should not jump in thinking it's necessary even if it is advertised in some ways in front of the shop. If somehow people can be made worried about their health through some form of marketing they can go crazy but the important thing is to remain aware of what you are having and how they are prepared. The juice has to be fresh and without additives to make it tastier.

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    In fact, eating fruit is always better than drinking the juice of the same fruit. Each fruit will have some fibre content and it will go inside only when we eat the fruit directly. But if make the juice and drink the advantage you will get through eating fibre also will be lost.
    If you take a sugar cane piece and eat it using your teeth, your teeth will become strong. If you drink directly sugar cane juice this exercise to the teeth will not be there and there will be no help to the teeth. In fact, when the juice is made we use different containers we will use and there may be some contamination from these containers.
    Another important point one should take care of is that no added sugar should be there in the juice.
    Many people get some ice added to the juice. Adding ice to juice is not good. One should consume the juice of normal temperature only.

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