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    What is the use of state assemblies when they barely sit for 30 days in a year ?

    The voters elect their MLA's from their respective constituencies with the high hope that inclusive development would be assured and possible. But from the data available with the central govt, hardly 30 days in year are being used to sit in the assemblies and out of which arguments and walkouts are more and thereby making mockery of the voters and their huge expectations. In this back drop should we waste such sittings which are telecast live, no amicable decision taken and yet the MLA's gets their perks and gifts from the govt. Sheer waste of time.
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    The purpose of sitting in the assembly is to discuss the issues on various matters and come to some conclusion and if required change the existing rules and bring new rules for better governance. But this is only a theoretical concept that it should have been done like that. What happens in reality is entirely different. The opposition members who do not get a chance in running the state or having their say in it will always try to create hindrances and obstacles in the working of the ruling party. It is said that opposition should work in constructive ways but it seldom happens. Probably by disrupting the assembly process the opposition gets a sadistic pleasure out of it. The surprising thing is that when there is really an issue which opposition should oppose in the interest of the nation and the public at large they just keep silent. This is a very strange situation and some time it is happening even in the parliament. I think the mindset of the people who are ruling the country and who are sitting in the opposition should change in such a way that the ruling party as well as the opposition have to sit together for the betterment of country in all respect.
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    I do not know whether it has happened for a particular state assembly or all of the state assemblies but if it is only for 30 days in a year then I think it's high time to make/amend rules to question the respective state assemblies about their functioning. The valid reasons for the loss of days should be asked not only to the state assemblies but also to the parliament. Whether they are MPs or MLAs they are people's representatives and there must be a mechanism to evaluate whether they are carrying out their businesses regularly or wasting time. The parliament or the assemblies are not a place to gossip and if people remain absent from their work beyond a specific period they get a cut in their payment. Unfortunately, parliamentarians decide their own salaries and carry out their activities depending on their suitability. This must change otherwise we will keep on hailing our democratic system without being truly democratic in activities.

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    Holding session of a State Assembly or Parliament is a drainage on the exchequer. According to an RTI 10-day proceedings of the state legislature session conducted for 40 hours and 25 minutes in December 2018 at Belagavi cost the state a whopping Rs. 13.85 crore. Similarly, the deadlock between the Opposition and the Centre in the Parliament over the Pegasus row cost over Rs 133 crore of taxpayers' money. Holding Assembly or Parliamentary sessions is a must but, unfortunately, it is observed that some of the opposition during a particular discussion is only for the sake of opposition, at times even without relevance to the issue under discussion. Opposition does not mean a mechanism of always opposing the government. There can be, of course, difference of opinion between different political parties. That also should be accommodated, wherever possible. But the general perception now is that the public money is being wasted in these sessions.

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    Every minute of Parliament or Assembly is very costly. The people sitting in those places are very costly people and they spend a lot of money paid by all of us for their amenities and luxuries to stay in the capital during these sessions. The more the number of days they spend there. the more will be the money they spend.
    How many days they have spent there may not be the point? But how much work was done? How productive is the session? They are important. As a matter of fact these days in any state assembly we are not hearing any useful discussion. The opposition party will blame the ruling party and the ruling party will blame the opposition party. This only will happen in the assembly buy no constructive work. It is good all the representatives understand the value of time and try to utilise the time for solving the problems of a common man rather than fighting among them.

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    The data is for one year and Punjab, Haryana assemblies sat for just 14 days.
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    What is more disgusting that these MLA's are being given doles at the end of their tenure as thanks giving by the govt.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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