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    When civic bodies collect huge taxes the basic services need to be free

    There has been open tiff between the Secunderabad Cantonment board and the resident welfare associations over the issue of not agreeing to pay the garbage collecting charges which seems to be high when compared to other places. Over 70 welfare association has announced that they will not pay for lifting garbage and on the other hand the board has privatized the collection job and ready to implement. It is generally believed that when huge house taxes are collected, the civic bodies need to give free basic services and this one leads to big confrontation.
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    We have discussed these matters umpteen number of times earlier but this one is especially for the garbage collection and asking the residents to pay for it so it deserves some special discussions here.
    If the civic body is not able to manage its expenses then they should come out for increasing the taxes and then manage the show. There is no point in asking the residents to pay for garbage collection separately. If you do the things like that then in future there will be different different payment for different different services. That is highly undesirable and create a mess of the situation. When civic body is collecting good amount of tax than what is the problem in using that for various services. It is very strange and unbelievable that instead of consolidating the things they are unnecessary going for confusions and inconveniences for the people. The irony is that today they will ask the residents to pay for garbage and tomorrow they will increase the tax also. Residents should not agree for this proposition and strongly oppose it citing the above reasoning or any other logical one.

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    That is true. If for every service they render, we have to pay separate cost means, why should we pay taxes separately? Even GHMC garbage collectors from houses are changing money monthly for collecting garbage. We pay every month Rs.100/- for him. I don't know whether it is official or unofficial. The taxes we pay may be used for the salaries and other expenses of the elected representatives and employees in government. But the amount is not sufficient to pay for the outsourced work. As we will not object to paying money to garbage collectors as it is a matter of hygiene and cleanliness, the governing bodies are taking the advantage of the matter and trying to collect money. In our country, in all stages, a common man has to pay money out of his nose and there is no sympathy for him anywhere. Politicians and officials are making merry while a common man is suffering.
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    Yes and for that, the residents have to sit with the civic body for clarification on what services should be available without paying anything extra. Hygiene and cleanliness are very important tasks and garbage collection is one of the essential services provided by the civic bodies. Every resident has the right to question the municipalities about the usage of taxes they are paying from time to time. Even if some services are outsourced to an agency there must be clarification on the payment terms. If it is through a PPP model, then a part is also borne by the government. How to collect the rest amount has to be decided after consulting the welfare associations in the localities.

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