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    Right Place to Study for Learner

    Generally, Students and Learners spend time completing or revising their syllabus. But Figuring out a suitable place and time to do homework, complete the syllabus is of the utmost importance.

    A good study is not the only desk, table, books, notes, worksheets, etc. It is important to find out ample room to study.
    According to my opinion choosing a suitable place means no family members running in or out, no TV on in the room, no mobile conversations to listen etc.

    Is it a sufficient Place to Study?
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    It is generally believed that the place of study should not be a place where people come and go and create disturbance. It should be a place where there is no noise and a conducive atmosphere is present for studying. It is also said that the person who is studying should not be disturbed in between for doing some work as it will distract him from his studies. Further he should be given tea and other small things in time so that he remains motivated and focussed in his work.
    All said and done all these facilities will work only when the person who is engaged in the studies is really serious for the studies. Otherwise nothing is going to help. We are giving him full facilities and noise free environment but he is playing video games all the time and coming out of the room showing himself very tired of studies. So a good environment for studies is only good for those who are really serious for their studies.

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    More than the perfect place to study what students need is concentration. Whenever you are doing any work you need to concentrate and it's better to choose a place where there is less disturbance. Even if there is a television in the room where the student is studying, it should be kept off. The students should keep their own mobile devices in silent mode while studying. Those who are studious do not care much about the room and choose a place where they feel comfortable. A well-lit room with good ventilation, a cupboard or shelf to keep books and a study table are enough.

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    The place, the surroundings and the ambience will have a big say on the performance of an Individual. Oneday Sri Krishnadevaaya asked one of the poets, Sri Allasani Pedanna to recite a new poem. Then the poet told the king that telling a poem requires some special conditions in which he mentions the importance of place and time in coming out with creative works.
    In the same when we study our focus should be on the subject we are studying. To have that concentration and focus we should have a good place without any distrubance. No TV or radio sounds, no play around by children, the lighting should be good and we should have good ventilation. It is better if moments are restricted in that area. When we sit such a place and study the subject we can grasp the subject very fast. That is why people used to say that getting up early morning and reading gives a better result. Early morning nobody will get up and hence distrubance will be less. Our mind will also be fresh and it can absorb things faster.

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    After reading the post my thoughts went to OU campus hostlers who take to the central park and study under the tree and that would be nice feeling to connect with the nature and be in the pollution free atmosphere and yet no disturbance from the fellow students and friends. But ironically my daughter is habituated to watch tv and study and she gets into study mode by watching the entertainment and how she is managing the two is great difficult to understand and you know she is the great ranker and sustained performer. So by taking the two examples, it can be construed that if the studying interest comes. the concentration to read and write can be anywhere and not necessarily inside the four walls or the study room. For me the roof terrace was the ideal place to study and that was awesome experience alone during the college days.
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