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    What care you take for drinking water purpose?

    Water what you consume for drinking purpose will decide our health. People of our country depend upon different water resources. Most of the people in cities and towns depend upon Muncipal water supply. Actually the water supplied through Muncipal taps must be clean and hygienic. But due to leakage problems in pipelines mostly we get polluted water. So people out of fear in towns and cities are using canned water sold in market. This water is simply RO purified water that lacks all the essential minerals in water. Due to consumption of this canned purified water many are getting health problems. In what ways you try to consume protected water for drinking?
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    Water is the essential component helping us in the digestion- process and at the same time it also helps in the elimination of the toxins in the body provided we take correct proportions of it. At least the minimum consumption should not be less than 2. 5 litres provided there is any restriction from the side of physicians/ specialists.However, one thing is important the water being consumed by us should retain the essential minerals and salts nourishing our body requirements. Most of us are habitual of taking RO water which is devoid of the essential minerals and habituated with this would give rise to varied health issues. To my opinion, the tap water is the best answer if the same is boiled properly prior to consumption to ensure that it is free from infection which might develop due to leakage of pipe- lines.

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    As I live in Bangalore,we get cauvery river water from Bangalore water supply Board. We have an aqua guard through which we get drinking water and we use it for cooking as well. Drinking impure water has been the cause of stomach ailments. Well water is also good.

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    In Hyderabad, we are getting Krishna river water from the municipal supply. We have an aqua guard installed in our house. This Krishna water will be passed through our aqua guard and then used for drinking. Earlier we have a RO plant in our house but now we stopped drinking RO water. We are drinking water that is purified through an aqua guard. But to our granddaughters, we give boiled and cooled to room temperature water for drinking. We boil the water that is purified using an aqua guard and then allow the water to come to room temperature and that only will be given to our kids. We carry water from our house when we go out during travelling. If at all we have to purchase drinking water we will go for unchilled Kinley water bottles.
    The quality of water will have a lot of impact on our health. So we should maintain hygienic conditions in storing drinking water. Better to store them in metal vessels or clay pots rather than in plastic containers.

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    For that matter the water supplied by the Hyderabad Metro water works are being distilled, sprayed with anti fungal and insecticides present due to water having stored in the big tanks. Normally the water would be poured into the huge tank and simultaneously the water clearing elements are also mixed to remove the foreign agents. What I found in some water supplying private agencies that they collect the same water supplied by Metro water works but purchase in bulk lorries, make it RO purified and the supply in cans costing 20 rupees per litre. Actually they purchase 12,000 liters of water for just 1000 rupees and make 2000 rupees easily and this kind of business is taking place in Hyderabad. We are habituated to Manjeera drinking water and cannot adjust with the mineral water and we are also happy with the taste.
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    To have pure water for consumption is a simply dream today. Most of the people are using Aquaguard or other branded purifiers but the problem of mineral deficiency might arise in that also. The water available as RO is also having same issue. Experts say that best solution is to boil the water and then consume it but that would be quite cumbersome seeing the working habits of the people. Boiling the water daily for so many family members is definitely a task which few people would like to do on a regular basis. We are also using Aquaguard for drinking water purpose.
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