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    The vibrancy of free life under the open sky after the epidemic

    This is the first time after the corona epidemic that all schools, colleges, and offices have opened in West Bengal. The faces of the streets tell us how happy the gathering is. After a long time, it seems that nature has changed in a new way today. The youngsters are also on their way to school today with a little fear of coronation. Let's hope Carona would be free and this trend will move forward with more speed overall.
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    The Centre has already asked States to lift extra curbs (review, amend or end) as the number of Covid-19 cases has gone down. In fact, there had been consistent improvement in the situation during the last three weeks or so. Consequently, many of the states have either withdrawn certain restrictions or eased the restrictions as per circumstances prevailing in that particular state. Dharuva has already read the happiness on the faces of people in West Bengal. Let us hope we get rid of restrictions throughout the country sooner than later. But, I feel, there is a word of caution. Some discipline needs to followed by the citizens voluntarily. Wearing masks, washing hands time and again and maintaining social distance should be followed for sometime more to prolong this happy situation.

    "Semper Sursum"

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    Now people can move around without tension after the government has relaxed the rules. However, some people are still worried about getting infected with Covid 19. But I feel if you were a mask and was your hands often,you will have very less chance of getting the virus.

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    That is true. After a long time today morning, I attended a foundation stone-laying function in Hyderabad. People are moving freely and traffic is increasing. In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also all the schools are reopened and students started attending. This is the actual time when people should follow all precautions without fail. Masks should be there whenever we go out. We should not get into the house without washing our feet after coming back from our work. It is better to keep a bucket of water and a mug at the entrance so that people coming in will wash their feet and then only they come inside.
    The virus appears to be under control and number of cases reported are less and the severity of the virus has come down. In some houses, isolation of the infected person also stopped and all are getting mixed and moving together.

    always confident

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    It is like a sunny day after a long spell of cloudy days. People are feeling out of the clutch of a deadly virus which was mutating and threatening the whole humanity. So let us hope that things would be back to the normal soon and life would be on the earlier track. But we should be cautious even after all these good news because we should not take this virus lightly because it has a great capability of striking back at an opportune time and paralyse the human beings. So we should not forget that we have to be prepared for any such eventuality in future and should not tell to our fellow beings that do not worry as there is nothing like a virus of that kind and it was a rumour spread by some companies to make money. We should use our brain and avoid any such rumours in future and instead insist our friends and relatives to take preventive actions as soon as something of that kind happens on this Earth again. We all have learnt this lesson through tough ways and let us keep it in our mind.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Two years of pandemic has taught big lessons to us and luckily India could learn the management of covid and other related virus and today everyone of us have become expertise in handling the matter. At the time when media and social media was warning the people that bad is yet to start and the third wave would be severe. When GHMC civic body in Hyderabad announced that the twin city is now covid free but the protocols would be continuing. Fortunately the cases have come down, the deaths are also not occuring and therefore the public and the govt found fit to resume all the services and educational institutions and thus the life has been put on the track. To recoup the loss of two years would be difficult but further loss has been prevented and we are now on the path of new glory and achievement for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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