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    It happens by a coincidence or on purpose

    Every day in life introduces us to new ideas, new deeds, sometimes new people. Many people are temporary, some permanent but it is not necessary that the role of temporary people in our life is less. Sometimes some people suddenly come and go in our life, but during this time they give us some such lesson which accompanies us throughout life. Such a lesson sometimes changes the direction of life or gives us some purpose that we probably did not even think of.

    Do we really meet and part with people just by chance or in fact something has been chosen for us by that supreme power and the people who meet on the same path are moving us towards the same purpose? Are we all helpful in achieving each other's purpose? According to you is it a coincidence or God's plan.
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    What the author said is right. Only three days back there was a marriage gathering and naturally we met new and old acquaintances during the function and those who are from the groom side were stunned the way we could mingle with them and looked after their every hospitality needs and thus made our huge fans. Now many have returned back to their homes. but keeping in touch through social media and they are keeping on remembering the 48 hours bonding of 13th and 14th Feb. So when people started parting one after the other the whole house started returning to normal with house holds presence only. One thing is sure when we meet people on some occasion or other many things comes to know, new bondings occur and new relations blossom and all is done within short period as if we were behaving since years.
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    I am not sure. There are different schools of thought. Some may say there will be some purpose behind every our getting introduced to different people. He/she may not be helpful to you as soon as you meet them. But at a particular point in time, that may come useful to you. Some people may not accept this theory. They happen just like that. That is what the author says as coincidence.
    Maybe the divine force behind may be acting and making things happen but they appear to us as if it is a coincidence. I feel definitely some of the people whom we meet will be very useful and may even be our path changers.

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    The life of each person has a purpose, but very few recognize it at the right time. We met so many temporary people in our journey of life, very few of them cherish in our mind because of their influence on us in that short period of time. There is a phenomenon called the butterfly effect, a small effect can change later to a huge unpredictable occurrence. This can relate to human life as well when one small deed of one person can create a big impact on some other person's life. When we take it rationally, it is merely a coincidence but when we take it spiritually, every human being in the world is connected to each other by an invisible string. Some people change our life into a different path, which leads us to find a treasure of joy.

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    In my view,we cross the path of good hearted people as per God's will as they are the messengers of some divine power to guide us for undertaking some good work. I have come accross some people in my journey of life who are responsible for inculcating some thing good which I follow even now. By the way,this is a special thread and I have read all the replies with great interest.

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    There are many incidents in our lives from which we are forced to believe that there are certain things destined for us in a particular manner. There are two main theories in this regard. One is that we have to believe that there is a supreme power called God and everything goes by it's plan. Those who don't believe in any superpower consider it as a matter of coincidence. God is at a very high level and even if it exists it doesn't become angry with us as it has to look after the whole universe and we are an insignificant part here on Earth so whether you believe in it or not doesn't matter much. What matters much is how you take those coincidences or destiny things and then plan your future journey accordingly. If one does not get success in IAS exam even after three attempts then he should not think that it is not for him as we do not know whether he would be able to qualify it in the fourth attempt or not.
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