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    It is prudent to understand the limits of involvement.

    Whether we see in our own affairs or in the affairs of others, in every way we find that somewhere, even in an individual case, there is the involvement of many other people along with that particular person. Sometimes we ourselves involve others and some people get involved themselves. This situation also happens when we are involved in the affairs of others, but in this involvement, we should know our limits. Some people increase the involvement so much that others may not like it. So, if you are involved in someone's affairs, then keep his limit and if you are not able to set this limit yourself, then have the skill to understand the gesture of the front, and as soon as you understand that now fix your limit and, do not cross it, by doing this you will be able to save your self-respect.
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    What the author said is right. We have to decide our own involvement and the time spent with others and their limits also defined and set by us. Some people have closeness with few selected one and they share close bonding and the time spent is more. Some are involved to the special task and if that is over or achieved, then they are no more cared or inviited further. Some are always with the people in sad and good period and these are the people are not invited for their rude characters of past. What ever it is, we have to evaluate ourselves. set our goals and targets to be achieved, concentrate on finishing the same and then leave the place before others feel the burdensome. There are people living in small homes and if suddenly many relatives come withoung informing then the hosts would be to much bothered.
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    I fully agree with you, Swati. Unless we know our limits of involvement, we are likely to invite a trouble for ourselves. Normally, as a mature person we should be able to sense it during early interactions that we make with anybody. There are always some signs that we need to pick up and moderate our further indulgence. If ignored, sometimes there could be serious conflicts and it may be too late to withdraw without some adverse repercussions. The wisdom lies in maintaining relations on a moderate pace so that it is easier to tone down, if need be.

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    We should always know our limits and act within those limits only and we should not cross the boundaries. Crossing boundaries may be fun in cricket where the batter will get 4 or 6 runs accordingly. But in real life, it is not fun and it is as good as inviting troubles. If somebody is allowing you to come and sit in their hall, you should never try to get into their kitchen. If you do it, next time they may not invite you at all. So now your limits and behave.
    We should not give suggestions to others unless otherwise asked for. If you anticipate any problem you can just warn and advise the concerned. Once you did it you have done your duty. You should leave the decision of further course of action to the individual.
    The pain of wearing a shoe will be known to the person who is wearing the shoe. So he will know what is the best solution for his problem. He will decide. So never penetrate into the area of other people. That will be good for you as well as others also.

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    It is very true that we should know the limit of the involvement that should be there between us and others and that is very essential for a cordial relationship to continue in future. At the same time there is another important point that should we at all involve or not. If someone is asking our advice in a matter then it is alright to involve but otherwise why we should unnecessarily poke our nose in the affairs of other people. I think the crux of the problem is the unsolicited advice that many people are habitual of giving to others whether others have asked for it or not. So, in conclusion we should refrain from giving unsolicited advice to others and ignore or discourage others to do the same thing with us. It is obvious that when it is asked intentionally then we have to act and help within the limits of the matter.
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