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    Tolerance is the first step leading to a peaceful life

    Many people immediately react and try to settle the score at the same instant when they feel offended by a person or by some actions taken by someone affecting them maybe to a sight extent. This is a natural reaction and people think that it is a right thing to do. In my view there is no point in reacting to everything big or small because reaction does not bring resolution. One has to learn tolerating the actions and speeches of others and ponder over them with a cool mind and then if required respond to them in a polite and cordial manner. Tolerance is a great trait and it is a virtue that cannot only bring peace in our lives but also make the journey of life convenient and straightforward. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your opinion.
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    I agree with the author. Tolerance is a great virtue that a human being can have and it can pave the way for success without permitting extraneous factors to affect his/her life or performance. Some people are very reactive and, in this process, they are likely to offend others or provoke others by their unthoughtful reactions. Whereas patience provides you enough time to think and moderate your reaction which is normally not likely to attract abnormal action from the other side. Also, by maintaining patience you are not opening your cards and you keep the other person guessing and thus can give anxious moment to the other side. There is still a chance for you to react later at appropriate time and it would certainly be a better reaction on your part. I think many of the altercation can be avoided if you show tolerance and have delayed reaction, if necessary.

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    True. Tolerance is an ornament to the person. A person who has a high degree of tolerance will flourish better in his life.
    Every action will have a reaction. We should react to the acts of someone that affects us. But the reaction should not create another problem for us. That is why we have to wait think cool and decide the further course of action and see that nobody will lose. We should react in such a way that the difference between the people should not get widened with our reaction.
    When we are in anger we can't think properly. So we have to control our anger and think peacefully. So if we delay the reaction we will get some time to think.
    There may be some people who take the tolerance of other people as their weakness and try to take advantage of such people. We should teach a fitting lesson to such people with our actions.

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    Tolerance is a nice word that actually affect many of the parts of our life but how to define this one word is depends on person to person. For example, if someone is tolerating whatever is wrong with him/her is not may always right, at the same time some cases found where tolerance help in a very positive manner. So one should adopt a behavior of tolerance but also be aware of the situation. If the situation is not allowing you to tolerate things then take some steps. But if the situation becomes normal by tolerance and if it is good for all others too so there is no harm to tolerate.

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    Living in peace means living in harmony with yourself, with others, and with all the sensitive people around you. Externally, living in peace is a way of life that allows us to respect and love one another in exchange for cultural, religious, and political differences. If we think we have to ignore our own anger, the storm outside of us will never subside. Because everything has a limit, you have to keep it within your limits. Imagine if someone said something harsh to you that you are not used to hearing, then calm down and think again. But what if someone suddenly attacks you physically? So everyone has a limit of patience, you have to go beyond the limits and think of the peace of mind and act accordingly. This is the key to living in peace.
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    In Tamil there is great saying that "Poruthar bhoomi azhwar" that means those who have tolerance, they would rule this world. By reacting hastily to the issues and matters, we may commit blunders, but when we ask time and react, there would be ample situation favourable to us and the other person would also regain his cool mind to listen. Even in police station the police would not listen to the arrested person and just beat him black and blue so that all his plans to defend him would go waste and agree to the police saying and thus remanded to the jail. Then through the courts the judge would ascertain the real facts with the evidences and when the police fails to bring in evidence, the court would also reprimand the police and release the person. So tolerance cannot be same with all and gave the references.
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