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    Congress leaders feel they are stake holders of the party and not tenant

    Many leaders inside the Congress party are brewing inside as the high command is not firm on decisions and the people lost faith in Congress and even in the ongoing elections the performance seems to be very dismal and the traditional voters are shying away from the party. This was told by the Senior Congress leader that he is not a tenant of the party to be kicked out for any further dismal performance of the party but he is the stakeholder to create more popularity for the party. But the fact remains that many senior leaders are not happy with high command and wants to change to other parties.
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    That is the real problem. A strong party, which ruled the country for many years after independence is now on its deathbed. Somebody has to come to its rescue and infuse new blood and see that it will get its earlier stature. I know many people who really love that party but are not able to make the party win in the elections.
    People who are really interested in the party should get united and if necessary they should talk to the high command and see that the party will gain its lost stature.
    BJP is trying to win more and more seats by independently contesting the elections in the areas where they have the majority and in other places they are trying to have an understanding with regional parties. This is making the Congress party weak.
    There is a saying in Telugu that a person who wants to win the hearts of society should win the hearts of his family members first. Then only he can win outside. Congress high command should understand this logic and see that all the party members will have faith in the high command. A lot of homework is required.

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    When we have strong members in our family that we can lead the society around us. In the reverse case when other people are having better leadership qualities then definitely they will lead the community and we will be following them. This is a natural thing which happens in all sort of circumstances and unfortunately in case of Congress the reverse situation is now emerging out on the anvil. Congress has much delayed the process of selecting a good candidate from outside the family and the other parties have taken advantage of this delay inside the Congress. A leader is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. A leader becomes like that because he comes up by struggling for it and has newer ideas for developing the country and taking measures for the welfare of the people. Congress is miserably losing in this game of leadership and leading the people of the country.
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    Those who are in Congress seems to work for personal gains and not the party.
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