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    How do you dispose off the waste cartoon boxes and plastic covers bought on line?

    Online shopping has become more popular nowadays than shopping offline. When you get the products delivered, the parcels are neatly packed in carton boxes and inside we can find plastic covers, bubble wraps , thermocol and waste papers. The junk has to be disposed off. Some people give it to the person who buys old news papers and books. However, some people store them at home. There should be minimum usage of thermocol and plastic as they cause environmental issues. How do you dispose them off?
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    I agree that most of the shopping is being done online these days. It had become a necessity during COVID-19 and the younger age-group particularly prefers this mode of purchase as it saves them time and also, many a times, there is a facility to return the item if it is not found up to the mark. Normally each household stores some carton boxes or even plastic covers if found in good condition but there is a limit and it is difficult to go beyond it. We prefer disposing of such carton boxes and other material on the same day. All such material is placed outside the gate of the house and in the morning a vehicle of the Society comes and picks them up. They have a mechanism of sorting out these items. There is no other effort involved in it. I think many of the gated societies have some mechanism to deal with it.

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    As mentioned by the author, online purchases increased the need for packing material. Even a small item is packed in big packets for transportation safety. So the consumer is receiving a lot of material used for packing in addition to the material ordered. Disposing of this material is a real problem.
    In Hyderbad waste collection will be done by the GHMC. Every alternative day the waste collector will come and collect the wet waste and dry waste which are stored separately. So We keep all this packing material as dry waste and give it to the waste collector. GHMC is having its own arrangement for waste treatment and recycling.
    Similarly, empty milk packets are also a source of problems. We purchase milk from a local supplier who will bring on a cycle in cans and supply us. So we will not have any milk covers waste.

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    Very nice question put in by the author.
    In my opinion, such e-com companies should have some kind of facility to take back the packaging materials. This way they can also reuse the materials. Either some outlet for the collection or the same being given back to the delivery boy should be there. The sameatetials under proper condition can be used to a second product as well. This way the wastage can be reduced and the company will also earn some goodwill.

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    When we buy goods online we get a lot of packing material. Actually in our colony everyday, a person with vehicle come to buy all sorts of waste material. These people visit our street atleast two times a day regularly. As we are residing in an Apartment we give all these wastes to our apartment watchman. He will sell that wastes and get little money or onions for return for it.

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    Yes, while ordering materials from online, we get our orders containing a lot of papers with which the materials are packed crisply and finally it is placed inside the cartoon. This has become a necessity for them to take care of the materials during its transit journey but ultimately, it becomes a herculean task for the end customers to deal with such packing materials. Some cartoons look attractive but to what extent, can we preserve all such materials? However, we have the garbage disposal mechanism and the cleaning employees take care of efficient disposal of the waste materials.

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    For that matter in our colony there is a daily service of picking up garbage and other waste items through the van and what ever we keep outside the house would be disposed off to the correct place. So we need not worry about of waste cartoon boxes and plastic covers as we have segregate the wet and dry waste and put them in the designated cans so that the disposal of the same is routine and happening. But what I have seen that those who have big trees and when the dry leaves part with the trees and when they fall on the ground and collected to a place and then they are burnt along with cartoon and other plastic items once in a week. But that is objected by the fellow neighbors, and they are doing so regularly. They are not paying the garbage lifting fees and thus indulging in this type of cheap behavior.
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    Nowadays we have started a practice of keeping the dry and wet garbage separately and due to that the garbage picker person collects the dry items separately and sells to the waste paper vendor. Most of these are then collected by the pick up vans that take these things to some industries where either they are recycled or used in some way. Earlier people were burning the plastic and other garbage in the nearby open fields but now that practice is totally prohibited and everything is being collected by the municipal workers or private waste material pickers. There is good use of old cardboards and paper sheets in some industries and if we can collectively make it available to them in good quantity they might lift it. People have to cooperate in these matters and follow environment friendly guidelines. Then only we can get rid of the large quantity of garbage that is being created today everywhere.
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