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    Why is visiting foreign countries becoming more popular in India nowadays?

    The earning capacity of young people in general in India has increased significantly. Many young couple prefer to visit Thailand, Srilanka , Malaysia, Singapore and other European countries too. The travel agents arrange for a comfortable journey as well as staying in luxurious hotels and sight seeing. Why are people visiting such places abroad spending a lot of money?
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    The mentality of people will change over a period of time. These days the earning capacity of people increased due to various jobs in IT and other areas. Many companies pay a good amount towards leave travel assistance (LTA) and they insist people utilise that money really for travelling. When the amount they get is high, they will have a chance to visit foreign countries. This is one of the reasons for increased foreign travel from India.
    As some people have excess money, they feel like enjoying and they think by visiting foreign countries they can enjoy more and at the same time, they can learn about their culture and way of living. This is another reason for more foreign trips.
    Many Indian go and settle abroad. Their parents want to go to see their children who settle there. That is another reason for people going to other countries.

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    There are so many beautiful and picturesque places in our country where we can go and enjoy our holidays. Some of these places are not properly maintained and that gives a shabby overview of these tourist destinations while in many foreign countries like Switzerland the maintenance and upkeep are of high standard and people get attracted to them. That is one main reason why some people are going to those foreign locations. Another thing is that there is a craze for going outside as you can tell the friends or relatives that you had been there and seen the Eiffel tower or things like that. On the other hand if you tell that you had been to some tourist place in India then that does not impress others and they take it as a normal thing which everyone can afford. So there is an element of show off also in this matter though everyone will not be boasting or showing off about ones foreign trip.
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    Actually in India itself there are so many touring destination that are so beautiful than the places in foreign countries. But in India those destinations were not properly maintained and proper amenities are there to visit these places. Proper information, guidance and advertisement also not there for the destinations in India. But in foreign countries they give more importance to tourism and also proper maintenance of destinations. This will attract our people to visit those places even though it costs more. They think that once in life time it is ok.

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