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    Long trips by private cars - how advisable?

    The recent pandemic fear had forced people to keep distance from relatives, get togethers and travelling. But slowly, things are coming back to normalcy. Functions and occassions are being celebrated again. Travelling and tourism are also taking their slow comeback. However, it is also noticed that people are no longer prefering to travel by trains or even by air. Many people prefer to travel by their private cars to reach their destination. This is of course to maintain safe distance from others and thereby resulting from fear of getting infected. However, this could be the cause of physical, mental and financial trauma to the person as well. Safety is also a question in such long trips where every passenger depends on the sole driver.
    This remains the matter of doubt if travelling by personal cars could be a viable alternative to long trips.
    Given the circumstances, can we say that travelling by privates cars is advisable for long trips?
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    Yes, it is true that many stopped travelling in State Transport busses, trains and aeroplanes after the pandemic. Many started travelling in private cars for long distances if it is very essential. It some what a safe option but it cost many times than usual. But prevailing condition one has to go for such options. I also followed this as I have to go for regular check up in Hyderabad hospital from AP. As it is an important thing I bore this cost many times during this 2 years. Sanitizing the seats and car and wearing masks by all the way helped us to travel safely. I have seen so many who traveled in trains and public transport got viral infection. So in this situation life is more important than money. If we take risk, by bad luck get infected has to spend lakhs of rupees for hospitals.

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    I feel during the pandemic it is advisable only to travel in private cars as we might not catch the infection if we travel with out family. However, in general people prefer travelling by their own cars when they go out of their city because they can have a lot of fun together and bring food from home and eat comfortably. However, driving during night time should be avoided as most of the accidents happen only during midnight or wee hours in the morning. The highways are unsafe during this time because heavy vehicles ply a lot and a little rash driving on the part of any of the drivers would result in serious mishaps. Drinking and driving is also the main cause of accidents happening during the night.

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    Many people travel in their personal cars for a long distance travel and either they hire some driver for it or drive themselves. There are some basic considerations which we have to keep in our mind before we undertake that type of travel in our country. First thing is that we cannot drive long distances in one day itself and have to break our journey in small pieces of 5-6 hours a day. By doing that we may reach your destination may be in 3-4 days but that is the safest way of moving from one place to another which is located at a far distance. This arrangement will require staying in some hotel over night and avoiding the night journey. It is unsafe to travel in the night. Staying in hotel and other expenses on the go will add to the cost of the trip. Some people enjoy by going by own car as that gives them an opportunity to visit the places on the way and enjoy their time.
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    It is very safe to travel in our personal cars, especially during this pandemic. In case own cars are not available taxis are to be hired. It is better if the taxi driver is also known to us. We have to get the car cleaned and sanitised before we start using the same. I am a frequent traveller from Hyderabad to our native place in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. During the last 2 years, I have travelled almost 8 times and all these 8 times I used our own car only. Travelling by public transport is still risky and I feel we should continue travelling in private cars for at least another 3 or 4 months. It is a costly affair but there is no way out.
    Earlier when we travelled in our car we used to stop on the way in good restaurants and used to have food. But because of this COVID, we stopped eating outside and we are carrying food and water also with us for such long journies. Nothing is more costly than our life in thisworld.

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    What the author suggested is good. Long trips by private cars are advisable and if alternative drivers are available among the travelers then the journey would be trouble free as the hectic journey would not be felt. Post covid situation it is not advisable to hire the driver or rented car, instead take the own car or fetch a friend car and travel with group. Though the cost of travel would be high, but not more than the air travel cost and yet very safe and in between rest can be taken on the road side, for eating and refreshments and thus private travel is highly recommended. One thing is sure, when group of people join together, they can make good enjoyment mode and it would be fun frolic traveling in groups for long trips. The inclusive participation of all during the journey would be memorable as images would be obviously registered.
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    The suggestion by the author is right that under the prevailing situation, we should resort to use our own cars while travelling from one place to the other. If we want to have more comforts during travel, it is better to keep a personal driver so that driving a long distance with our own cars does not prove stressful. Though there are other means of travelling such as trains, planes etc, we don't want to take such modes any more due to our fear of infection. Though travelling with our own cars might be somewhat costlier than the Bus travelling but still we can enjoy the car travelling if we have our friends or groups to make our journey enjoyable. While undertaking a car journey, it is always better to move with our pet companies so as to derive satisfaction of the journeys.

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    Though it is somewhat costly and uneasy, it is good for our family as we went so many times even for a long distance in our cousin's car. Our cousin was a good driver and never go over speed. He was stopping at petrol bunks with good toilet facilities as it is feasible for our ladies safely. For children it is good to enjoy. Travelling in train or bus is also good but the visiting points if located away from the train or bus point the local travelling arrangements might have been somewhat troubling and for that the private taxi travel is good.

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