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    When time flies - an experiment

    Sometimes you may find that time runs so fast and things change rapidly even before you notice. It may be difficult to say when time runs fast but I will describe a small experiment here that will help to realize the phenomenon.

    Actually, the time has its own pace, it neither runs fast nor slow. To carry out this experiment, choose a day where you have very little works to do. On that day you have to sit idle at a place for 5 minutes, yes only 5 minutes. You need to close your eyes for the entire period of 5 minutes and you cannot set an alarm or ask anybody to notify you at the end of 5 minutes. If you are not habituated to sitting idle with your eyes closed most probably you will constantly remain excited and try to open your eyes to find out how many minutes are left. Maybe every 30 seconds or so you'll feel like looking at the time once. At those moments you may find time is not at all moving. Now, repeat the same thing with your eyes closed but with a little modification. You don't have to keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes but keep your eyes closed until you finish counting 600. The speed of counting should not be so fast but moderate. In the end, if the speed is moderate you will find that more than 5 minutes have elapsed and you have kept your eyes closed for the entire period by concentrating on the counting. Now just think of it. When your mind is absolutely idle, time doesn't want to move and when you keep yourself engaged you may not notice how fast it moves.
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    The basic computation of time has come from the movement of celestial bodies. Due to the rotation of the Earth along its axis we feel day and night. The Earth moves around the Sun and its one round is actually 1 year. So this is the premises from where all time is apparently generated for us. It is obvious that for all practical purposes it is the reference for us. These heavenly things are happening at a constant speed and then we say that time is moving ahead. But the interesting thing in this matter, which the author has also highlighted, is that our feelings about the speed of time elapsed vary from individual to individual depending upon our situation and activity levels. If we reach the Railway station 2 hours ahead then we feel that time is now slowed down. But if we reach it at the last moment when train is leaving next minute then each second has a value and we might miss the train by a few minutes and we would feel that time is running very fast.
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    It is true that time changes it's color under different situations. During meditation, those who are new want the time set aside for it ends soon and find it difficult to concentrate for a longer duration. On the other hands, when we do some other important or interesting work time flies away so fast that we wonder how fast it had happened. But people who are experts in doing meditation, do not experience the slow moving of time.

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    Time will run always at the same speed. I hour will have 60 minutes. One minute will have 60 seconds. It is the same and there will not be any deviation anywhere in the world, But the time running fast or not at all running is our feeling and all that depends on the mental condition at that time.
    When we are busy and continue our work, we never keep a watch on our watch and only after completing the work we may see the time. In such conditions, we feel that time is running fast. When somebody has to come to our house and if we start waiting for them, we start looking at the wall clock many times and we feel the time is moving very slowly.
    When we are going somewhere in a vehicle we feel the distance is high and it is taking more time. But when we are returning we feel we came fast. This is also a mindset only and the distance will be the same both ways. Many times I experience this mainly due to the work pressure I have I think.

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    Time does not wait for anyone, our life moves forward with time. And the times of the past life that people once held as memories. That is life. You can't save time if you want to.
    Rabindranath Tagore wrote "Time goes by, don't wait for anyone"
    Maybe you spent a day lazily but the clock is ticking but it won't stop. He will tickle and tell you all day long how time is going. Even if we know the value of time, it is not possible for everyone to give it in the right way. So as much time as possible should be used properly.

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    After reading this post on time, my thoughts went to a very good story of two friends, both are rich and wants to live without seeing each other for 20 years and if one wins, the other would forgo the entire wealth thus earned. While one of the friend accepted the challenge and all things are arranged in his room so that he need not come out and all the needs of his family are looked after and not to worry, as the time passed, years, passed the room which was closed earlier is now thrown open so that the person would make mistake of coming out, 18 years have passed and the friend makes him to withdraw from the challenge and lead normal life, but he wont budge. The challenged date is over and the person still continues with staying and when asked he thanked the friend for giving peace of life all these years and asked him to stay like that. So here time speaks volume of happiness.
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