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    Perils of being too much positive

    It is in general believed that it is good to be positive in one's life. Positivity brings hope in our lives and inspires and motivates us for taking actions in the direction of progress and prosperity in our lives. At the same time being positive doesn't mean that we should not go through the pros and cons of an activity and just see only the positive side of it. Whenever we take up a task or do some work then the result may not be in accordance with our expectations. So keeping and considering that aspect in our mind that the result can be negative also will help us in coping with the situation when the adverse result is announced.
    I strongly feel that being positive is alright but being too much positive is also not desirable in our lives because when we have setbacks and adverse situations then being too much positive will sometimes lead to humiliation, hurt, and rejection. What do the members feel about this? Please share your views.
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    Positive traits in persons hold much water as it is considered to be a good quality which does not create problems. However, it is impossible to be always possible a because a situation might crop us all of a sudden that we have to express anger which is a negative trait.If we smile and just keep quiet trying to prove that we should avoid argument, people might try to exploit you more taking advantage of the situation. Therefore , it is better to express your negative side when some injustice is done to you.

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    Very well said. But we are human beings because we can walk with a strong mind. The mind develops from a solution to any problem to a positive lifestyle. If you are afraid of facing any problem, that fear will defeat you. But the idea that you can do it if you are positive will come to your mind. Positive people seem to have the ability to admit any mistakes they may make in their personal life or at work. It is our job to learn from those mistakes and move forward. You may have weaknesses. In that case, you have to be positive to overcome the weakness. Give yourself time to learn. It is a different matter to overcome weakness and move forward by overcoming weakness. So I think positivity is important to win the battle of life. It should not be excessive.
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    Being positive is always good. But the attempts what we have to do for getting a positive result should be done by us. Thinking we will be successful is a positive trait. But this alone will not bring you success. You have to concentrate and put in all efforts and then only you can expect positive results. After giving our full energy and attempting the work we should not think that we may not farewell. That should be the underlying message of being positive.
    Many people will always have a doubtful mentality. They suspect always failures only. That will make them sick and really they may not be able to perform well.
    A human being should be always optimistic and expect always best to happen. Once you inculcate these habits automatically you will become positive and your positive thoughts will motivate you to perform much better.

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    After reading the post my thoughts went to a video I watched yesterday where in a person tried to go by rope arrangement attached to the pulley on the top and as he would pull the other rope, he would go up standing on the bucket. But that person has not done the physics understanding properly as when he pulled the rope, that bucket part made him to turn upside down and he fell down. So this is the best example of too much positive thinking of that person. He might have tried the idea previously and might have been successful also, But the length of the rope, the bucket size and the timing of pulling does matter and that should be done in slow manner. Being positive is the best trait and that will give more confidence within us but that should be within the parameters of achieving targets.
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