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    Regarding article status

    Managing Editor,
    Vandana Ma'am
    Recently I wrote one article related to college admission. And in this article, I gave detailed information about courses. And I tried to mention all courses as per the official website. But, the article status shows pending and the editor commented that that text is too cluttered. I don't understand what kind of changes do you want?
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    Though you have specifically addressed this post to Vandana, still I am taking some liberty to put my comments here. Please take it in a positive way. When we write an article and submit in ISC then the most interesting and adorable thing about this site is that editors go through it and suggest some measures to enhance its value. It has happened with me as well as many other members and we all are immensely benefited by those remarks for suggestions made by the editors because they are very well experienced in this field and they very well know the meaning of what they are advising us to do.
    As per my experience in this area we have to write the article in a structured way as far as possible and there should not be any mixing of ideas and repetition of sentences from one paragraph to another. Another thing which is equally important is the sequence of our thoughts in that article and if we are able to put them in a logical sequence making the reading pleasant and non distracting then our purpose is met.
    When the flow in an article is disrupted and something comes before which should have been there at a later stage then the whole articles looks like cluttered and messed up. So, in such a situation we have to go through our own articles and try to improve its structure and flow and I am sure that after doing that exercise it will be approved if not in one attempt then may be in two or three attempts. We have to have patience to that extent.
    Why I am telling all these points is that I have some experience in this matter as one of my articles was published in some other site after 4-5 rounds of corrections and it took 6 months in that. Today I have about 90 articles published there over the last 4 years.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When you are raising a thread like this, I feel it is better if you give the URL of the article so that we can go through the same and if we have some suggestions, we can give those suggestions. Searching all the pending articles is a time taking process.
    Probably you may have to present the matter more in a structured way I feel. You may have to give section-wise heading and subheading as required and deemed fit. At the same time, you can give HTML links wherever required so that your article will appear neatly and viewers may feel like going through the article.
    Wherever possible you should give some links to the internal pages which will be an additional feature to the article. Paragraphs also should be made correctly. These are general suggestions, I can tell you.
    But any specific suggestions will be possible only after we go through your article.

    always confident

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    Dr. Sanchita Ranjan,

    The cluttered text means a lack of spacing. In the article, why don't you leave a one-line space where required? For example, you write Eligibility, and where it ends, keep a one-line space before the next part on the mode of selection, then again a one-line space if there is something following that.

    Consider, too, the eligible qualifications. In case there is a huge list of optional qualifications, instead of simply writing them in one long sentence with the 'or' everywhere, why not put it this way- mention the first one or two qualifications required, then just write "You can check out the official notification to know the other optional acceptable qualifications". Immediately after that, you could leave a one-line space again, and then write "Additionally, you must have a valid GATE score/GPAT/NET (and whatever other options are given - here you can mention all those since those are few in number).

    What happens when relevant spacing is not given is that the reader will simply skim over the content and/or not bother to go through anything at all and just leave the page and the site. The reader may think "It's very confusing, let me go to the official website only". See, the point is to keep the reader on the page and, with internal links, within the site for a tad longer.

    A further point about spacing - I suggest that you start the first sentence of a paragraph right after the closing of the h2 or h3 tag. In this case, a big space is not required and it will look neat.

    Edit your article and make these basic changes and then you will see for yourself how much better it looks. If you require further guidance, let me know.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Vandana Ma'am,
    Following your instruction, I did all possible changes to my article. Now you can check it.

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    Dr. Sanchita Ranjan,

    The article is approved now. You had not done the spacing in the case of all the courses, but to avoid shifting it to pending yet again, I have done the needful. The title and summary also had to be changed during editing. In the summary instead of putting a vague text like 'Are you looking for admission to a Ph.D. course?' it is good to mention a specific location or give the institute name or mention a specific field (e.g. Ph.D. in mathematical sciences).

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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