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    Silence is golden and speech is silver. Have you ever practiced being silent for the whole day?

    Being silent for a long duration is an art which is followed by a very few people. It is generally believed that people who talk more are foolish and those who talk less are wise. However, when a person does not talk , the mind chatters and makes him restless. Plenty of thoughts hover around his mind and he feels it is better to break the promise of not talking. What type of a person you are? Talkative, less talkative, silent most of the time? Have you ever done mouna viratham? Let us discuss.
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    It is said that silence is the great cure for many things if taken at appropriate times for appropriate durations. Many times in our lives we are benefited by silence rather than by speaking. In our family atmosphere many times discussions take place and sometimes stressful conditions are created but if we control on ourselves and take up silence as a tool to combat with all those conflicts then it helps immensely and things calm down soon. I have practiced silence many times not only in my family life but also in my workplace life and I was benefited to quite some extent. I am a strong believer in the saying that speech is silver but silence is gold.
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    If we keep silent we will have no enemies. Of course, we may not have friends also. Sometimes our conversation may go in a different than it is supposed to go. That will be the beginning of an enmity between people. It is always better to talk less and wherever we have a point we can gently put our point and wait for the reaction from others,
    But adopting this policy is very difficult. Some people will go on talking thinking that then only they will get their recognition. But talking less will be a boon and it is better not to waste our words more.
    Taking less and using that energy for constructive work is very important.
    Sometimes this unnecessary talking may give us big disappointments. Many people say that silence will increase our span of life also. Eat less, talk less ad act more should be our motto.
    I never remained silent for 24 hours. But I am not very talkative and talk less only.

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    When we are being sought after to interfere and deliberate on every matter and being the important person of the family from maternal and paternal side, how can that be possible to keep quiet for the whole day and that is not possible in the present circumstances. At the most we can try to be less talkative and totally shutting the mouth is too much asking. More talkative is also a big problem as we may be wasting the others time for nothing, less talkative is the best way to earn the respect and regard from others, and silent most of the time resembles that we are more introvert and selfish not revealing any future plans of ours to others. And keeping Mouna vratham is not possible for me as I wish to have interaction with all on many subjects of my interest and people wants to talk with me for their clarification and conveyance.
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    The author is correct that the silent is gold and it is proved successfully when the arguments present and is paving way to keep the problem away. If we open our mouth amidst the quarrel between two persons the anger of the two parties will come to us and we will get attacked by both of them. In that situation, we have to keep ourselves silent.
    It is very difficulty to keep silent for more than one hour. But experts told to be silent even for more hours. It has been called as "mouna vrat". Earlier people were followed this for many days together. By hearing this my elder brother was planned to keep silent for a whole day during his college period. Previous day itself he informed this to the friends sit by his side and even to lecturers. As we got influence in the college, his lecturers were admitting him to keep mouna vrat on one specific day. He was successfully maintained this for whole his third year.
    But when we go for work it is not possible to keep mouna vrat on any day but if we follow this on Sunday or holiday we will have phone calls or visitors.

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    Yes, I practised and remained silent for more than a day. I don't think everybody becomes restless when they cannot talk though those who always talk more may feel like that. Let me give a good example of remaining silent for some time. Suppose you are writing an article for ISC and for that you are doing your research. Depending on your interest and the length of the article I am sure you will do it silently without talking to others. If the nature of your job doesn't demand interaction with others then you may remain silent according to your wish. Thoughts will come and it's not necessary to discuss the thoughts with others. You may silently carry out the actions required to execute the thought or project.

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    We must know when to keep silent and when to to talk. This needs a little common sense to judge the situation and one should behave accordingly. If the situation is tensed, instead of indulging in conversation which would otherwise aggravate the situation, it would be better to keep mum for the time being. Let the situation take its own course and if the mode of silence is followed by all in the stressful situation, the sufferers would take their own stands by controlling their emotions and ultimately the situation might come under control. We should ensure that the situation should not take the worst situation by talking irresponsibly.

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