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    Feelings of hunger are intense and intolerable to everyone

    When our stomach is full, the smile of the moon breaks the barrier of joy, the heart is intoxicated by the fragrance of flowers, the play of colors makes the heart colorful. But if there is no food in the stomach, then the world seems a dull-prose. In the intensity of hunger, any round thing feels like baked bread. That is, hunger is the main thing there, everything else is secondary, insignificant, and unimportant. There is a proverb "to the hungry, the full moon is caught as scorched bread". So the beauty of the moon does not feel the slightest attraction to a hungry man. All the loves, all the forms, all the rhythms of life are lost under such a situation. At this time life became faded, dry, and dusty. The first goal of our life should be to pursue the interest of eliminating hunger. What is your thinking?
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    I think this is a universal truth! All of us get hungry every day and sensation of hunger makes you to eat. Our brain gets a signal from the body that the stomach is empty. The blood sugar level dips which effect the functioning of the brain. One can feel fatigued, weak or even shaky when the sugar level drops. At times one can lose self-control as normal cognitive functions are difficult to maintain. One may even get aggressive to the people one is close to. That is why we need to refuel ourselves periodically so that we get energized. There is a feeling of fullness once we eat. It is important to have a well-balanced diet which may include protein, carbohydrates and fat.

    "Semper Sursum"

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    True. Whatever we do. it is for food only. Food is required to continue our living. That is why food is the basic need of our life. When you are really hungry, you feel like eating whatever is available. When you are not hungry even a sweet dish also will not be tasty to us.
    When we are hungry we look around for eating something. Our concentration at that time will be on something useful to eat and everything appears like a waste only.
    That is why it was told in our epics that donating food to a person who is hungry is the biggest donation you can do in this world. If you have food sufficient for you only also you should share with the person who is hungry so that he will also continue to live.
    Once we are full, we can start thinking about other things and as mentioned by the author we will notice beautiful things that are present around and we will start enjoying the beauty of this nature also.

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    In Tamil there is a saying that " Pasi rusi ariyadhu and thookam idam ariyadhu" that means when someone is very hungry, he would not ask for tasty food and likewise when some wants to sleep, he would adjust at any place. And the feeling of hunger is known to those labors who works in the field and when the rain catch up they cannot run back fast, and all their food which were kept under the tree would get washed away or destroyed. Labors carry the carriage of food for the whole day and when it gets destroyed, they are helpless and none to feed them. And those who know the pain of hunger, would not waste the food, and would always part with food for those who are feeling hungry. When the country would be free from hunger is the million dollar question as many would go for bed by drinking water with no food.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hunger is the prime feeling and requirement of the body for getting energy from food to run this mysterious biochemical life. Only when hunger is fulfilled other things will start happening. If hunger is not taken care the human body would start degrading in want of food and will slowly decay to nothingness bringing death soon. Before the advent and development of agriculture on planet Earth, humans survived by eating the meat of various animals around and the major activity of the human race at that time was to hunt and get food for the day. It was only when crops were produced and edible fruits were identified some people completely resorted to non vegetarian food items to survive but in arid and desert areas people continued to eat the meat.
    Food was such a necessity that many times human settlements shifted from one place to another in search of food and made new colonies across the globe. The importance of the food cannot be ignored as it is the only way to make a hungry person happy.
    There are some very poor people around who cannot think beyond the daily bread as their main desire is to get food to quench their hunger.

    Knowledge is power.

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