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    Just let me live like myself, how much acceptable?

    There are two types of personalities in society, firstly, many people suddenly come out of the traditional way of life and love to enjoy themselves as they like. I think It is important to know oneself properly, to know oneself more, to love oneself. Enjoying it alone is a bit like recharging a battery.
    But another type of personality confines itself to a boundary and does not want any kind of outer interference. They think that they have arranged themselves sufficiently and that no one should disturb them nor any help is required from anyone. Such behavior seems to be a mental disorder. What do you think?
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    A human being is a social animal and he has to move with people. Without taking help from anybody nobody can survive on this earth. That is why people say that one should have four friends at least to move his body for his last journey on this earth.
    So if somebody thinks that they can live on their own without anybody's support, he is at fault. As mentioned by the author that may be a mental disorder. He should consult a psychiatrist and take his help and he has to get his mindset changed.
    We all should move with people and should have good interaction with them. We should help them when they are in need. If you help somebody when they are in need, definitely you will get support from somebody when you really require somebody's support. But we should practice helping others without expecting anything in return. That gives you a lot of satisfaction and you feel happy.

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    Everyone is free to to choose their own style of living and we cannot force anyone that it would be better to change the present lifestyle and should mix freely with others. I think living monotonously without any contact cannot be sustained for long. There is the limit for such confinements and this continues for long, it would be the sign of one's mental disorder and if possible we must come forward to help them so that the affected person comes out of such a monotonous phase. After all, men are social animals and would be more comfortable with the togetherness. May be some persons are suffering because of their fear that they would be exploited by others if they develop intimacy with others and due to this stigma, they are not in a position to lead normal lives.

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    There are some people who by nature are either egoistic or introvert and they do not mix with other people easily. They may not have any friends also and even if some are there then their number will be very less. These people do not confide in everyone and keep their things to themselves. So it is not exactly a mental disorder but is a unique mindset under which these people operate. If someone goes to them to help them or talk about some matter they would be very brief and surprisingly sometimes even behave curtly. These people are not social also and generally avoid the gatherings.
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    In a society we find people who are traditional and adhere to the principles followed by the people. Those groups are friendly,fun loving and helpful. However, there are some others who think they are always superior and right and do not mingle much. When questioned about always hiding behind closed doors and not mingling with others, they get wild and totally stop communication. The reason is they either think they are superior to others and become egoistic or they have inferiority complex and do not want to expose their timidity. Thus, I do not consider them to be mentally unstable .

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    Living on own terms and actions is the self confidence acceptance and enjoying themselves, not caring others may looks to be selfish motive but one cannot avoid because they reached the stage of self sufficiency and need not depend on others for actions and permissions. Though people may tell wrong about them, but what has been told that life is very short and non predictable and thus they are living on their own terms. For them myself first and if time permits they would look towards others. And there are people who does not want any free advice from others, as they are contented to lead life happily. These two sets are people are always aloof, never mingle with others and they feel if they talk to others, they would be bothered to interfere and help in future and thus keep distance from everyone.
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    Ok, live the way you want to live and there is no problem. It's a choice of the individual and not necessarily a mental disorder. It may also be found that from some bitter experiences they stopped interacting with a certain group of people. It may not be possible every time to find out mental disorders just by looking at the activities and for that, a proper diagnosis by a mental health professional is required. I think everyone likes to live a life of their choice without much interference from others and that choice has to be respected unless it is leading to depression.

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