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    Politicians should mind their tongues

    We have seen many stalwarts in Indian politics. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Sastry, Jai Prakash Narayan, Vajpayee etc. set examples and they taught the country how a dignified politician should talk and behave. Those leaders struggled for the country and never criticised the opposition leaders. They always said that the differences are between the ideologies of the parties but not individuals.

    But what we see and hear these days is entirely different. They never talk about issues. They talk about individuals only. They never talk about the ideologies of the parties but always criticise the people in the opposition only.

    A person who is in the capacity of a Chief Minister of a State refers to the Prime Minister of the country and talks in a very cheap way in a public meeting. What they are teaching to the coming generations about decency in politics? One should mind their tongue. They should set an example to the coming generations so that the country will remember them as good politicians.
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    Yes, the present and present generation politicians are completely out of order and they are showing least decency in present day politics. Politicians who are at highest to the lowest position are behaving in the same way. Our respectable greatest Independence warriors like Mahatma Gandhiji, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel like national leaders were also brought into blame game of their politics by politicians who are ruling the country. Recently CM of Assam in a shameful way blamed the opposition leader of the country Mr.Rahul Gandhi. Opposition leaders and media have came forward to strongly oppose such immoral politics of CM of Assam. But PM and their own party heads never opposed such immoral attitude of their own party member.

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    It is rather unfortunate that the politicians of the country are behaving in a manner which cannot be described as a decent discourse. Quite often their speeches are based on criticism of others rather than mentioning their views or achievements. During the election time it seems that it is free for all. They would raise issue which are irrelevant and not even connected to the event even remotely. Also, they seek pleasure in criticizing the old regime without mentioning any word about their achievements. This is just to distract people from real issues and cover their own shortcomings. Also, they will talk about issues which are read out of context and cannot be compared in view of the time gap, say of 50 years past. For any comparisons the parameters should be common to reach a conclusion. But they very tactfully avoid those and keep the public engaged in other issues.

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    Using abusive and offending languages on other leaders whether they are in power or opposition is in a very bad taste. Unfortunately this trend is being seen in public speeches as well as social media in our country and is a matter of great concern. It not only degrades the political environment but also makes the image of India low in the eyes of foreign authorities. Actually the person who is resorting to such low class behaviour is going to lose his own respect in the public except barring his blind followers. So one must be cautious and should not make such statements which create uproar in the public.
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    Present days, the politicians have forgotten how to talk before the public in the dignified ways. I am not blaming that they are not aware of decent languages but very often they cross the limit and attack the opposition with filthy languages and for such utterances we are shameful. While talking to the leaders of yesteryear's such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Sastri, Atal Bihari Bajpeyi we have Sen how they were addressing the public rallies and their mode of expression was decent. There had been the ideological differences in certain issues and they discussed the ways to sort out such issues instead of hurling indecent remarks.

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    It is the fact that filthy politicians and bad mouthed leaders are roaming around us and they drag on themselves into controversy by making scathing attack and even personal abuse on those who are in high office and thereby think that they have demeaned that particular leader to have political gains. But it is actually reverse. Those who have been good and has been doing very good governance are closely watched by the voters and they come into support for sure. There may be aspirations from the small leaders to hog the national limelight, but where is the acceptance in larger way. Just by saying few words against the tall leader, the regional politicians has no role because there are hectic competition among the local leaders to hog limelight and sooner or later, the votes would teach them lesson.
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    It is true and at the same time, I think we also need to behave properly in various situations. People react rudely in many places, even inside their homes and this habit continues when people join politics. There is a common trend of growing intolerance everywhere and politicians are no exception to it. Nowadays, politicians join a political party because of personal gains and during elections you will find many changing sides. The only ideology left with the politicians today is to grab power anyhow which is ultimately leading to clashes and controversies. Somehow we also vote them to power may be because of a lack of well-mannered candidates in the fray.

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