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    Russia- Ukraine war may affect Indian economy severely

    Russia is preparing itself to go ahead with war with Ukraine as of now today. Yesterday's news is due to the intervention of Germany, Russia is thinking of some settlement. If war starts there is a lot of problems for India in fuel supply. This will put a lot of economic stress on the weak Indian economy at present. America already warning that if India goes with Russia, there are a lot of restrictions on India from the American side. Recently India tried to increase its economic partnership with Russia in buying war weapons, fuel imports, and increasing its business tie-ups. What is the reason for the war between Russia and Ukraine? What is the concern for America if Russia attacks Ukraine? What problems would the world face if war starts?
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    Just now I read the latest news updates where in US has been more concerned and even UK has been expressing apprehensions of a possible war when there is no such things happening right now. Russian might be preparing war like situation and that does not mean war is going to happen. If US and UK are really concerned they must defuse the war, but there seems to be ulterior motives and both countries wants war to happen and make Russia responsible later. What ever it is war is the bad trait for any country and would have cascading effect on partner countries and India would certainly suffer. Though India has taken the center stand, but defusing war must be initiated by PM Modi who has close relations with Putin Government. So the world is watching the actions of US and UK on this issue who claims to peace makers.
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    As per the news and information coming to us from different sources it appears that Russia is pulling out its army and other forces from the Russian Ukraine border. So the threat of war is now receding back slowly and in few days it is believed that things will be coming back to normal. Today if war starts anywhere in the world then it will harm many countries who are connected to these countries through trade and other ties. India is having many trade and industrial ties with Russia and in case such a thing happened India would be affected to quite some extent. Today the countries in the world are connected with mutual trade and exchange of material and any war will be harmful for both the sides. Our country is in a developmental phase and we cannot take any sides and have to manage our relations with other countries in a diplomatic way in accordance with the international political scenario.
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    Already almost all the countries suffered a big blow due to COVID and still have not completely come out of that situation. Slowly they are trying to recover. The economy of many countries is in real bad shape and they have to come out of that situation. In such a condition, no country in the world should think of going to war.
    I am thinking that Germany's intervention has given some positive results and now Russia is slowly withdrawing its forces from the Ukraine border. This is an indication that the threat of war as on date is coming down and it may not be there for the present.
    If there is a war definitely there will be a difficult situation for our country also. I am not understanding the real intentions of the USA and UK. If really a war happens India will have to face a very difficult situation. Let us hope that the threat will get defused shortly.

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    Indian Embassy in Ukraine called that all Indian families or Indian residents of Ukraine to leave to India in advance as there is possibility of war may start any time.

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