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    Share Your Favorite Past Time

    What is your favorite past-time? It is a short but interesting question for every person.

    We all know that spare time of our life is not to be "spent" but savored. When I was a schoolboy I like to enjoy watching birds after school. One day I faced trouble in the trees to watch parrots but It is very interesting because after a long time I watched a mother bird take care of their newborn birds.

    Do Tou have any Favorite Past Time?
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    Everyone has got a hobby and some favorite things to do during the spare time whenever one has that available in hand. People pass their time in variety of ways. The question as how one passes ones time was very important during the earlier times when there were limited avenues were available for passing the time. Today there is absolutely no problem for most of the people in passing time because whenever they have some spare time they will take their mobiles in their hands and start chatting with friends or going to the social sites or just surfing the net or seeing a short video. This is not a very constructive way to pass time but this is the pattern today and everyone is doing this. I am also no exception and I am very well covered in these 'most of the people' and use my mobile whenever I feel 'what to do'.
    If I still get some time out of this vicious trap then I like to go out and have a short walk around my house or in the market buying some petty things and just glancing over the new products etc. Earlier to this mobile era I was passing my time by reading books and engaging in some other constructive activities.

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    I have got two to three hobbies which I gladly indulge in when ever I have free time. The first thing I do during my leisure house is writing , reading . When I read the Times of India, I come across some new words which I note down and use while I write. The second hobby is cleaning the house and keeping things in place. The third one is sewing. Even when I am over loaded with work and have very less time for reading or writing, I take a break and do those activities which bursts by stress and gives me energy.

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    Our service life was quite exhaustive having no time for persuasion of any hobby but again my retirement, the situation changed considerably. I could do at least of my liking. This is the perfect time for me go ahead with my coaching activities for the students interested for the clarification of their basics in Mathematics up to class twelve. This offers me the dual advantages the first being coaching the students provides me mental satisfaction and secondly the needy students are at least able to eliminate their doubts. Except on Sundays, I have the time for the interested students. My other passion is cooking whenever I get time for this passion. Of course without the support of my wife, this could not have been possible. I indulge in the preparation of the non-vegetarian dishes especially and I find pleasure when I get appreciation from my close relatives and friends for this passion.

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    I have a passion for teaching and guiding students working for their PhDs. But my profession is something different. I get into the manufacturing industry. But I always kept my research activities and interest in R & D by working more in those departments of the organisation. I used to think I may not be having the chance of guiding some students working for their Doctorates.
    Meanwhile, a state university from Karnataka approached our organisation and they approved our R & D lab as their research centre. One of the Professors from the university and I from the Organisation are the authorised guides for the students working for their PhD in the area related to our Organisation and the university has given me the authorised guide status and 4 full-time students and 2 part-time students registered for their PhDs under my guidance, I used to spend time with those people whenever I am free and now all of them obtained their PhDs. The time I spent with them left very good memories as my life ambition is fulfilled through that activity.

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    I have designated time for everyday and the program is already fixed and therefore the hobbies, passtime, work time and family time goes hand in hand. Morning first hour is for praying and penance, then one hour for the ISC contributions, then one hour for comments on news papers, then one hour for the tv news and astrology for the day, then go for the office work and come by afternoon, have some contributions to this channel, and then share some good videos on my social media status. Because there are many who are waiting for my new videos which are mostly from animal behavior, nature and above all wholesome message from each video would make others to follow me soon. And evening hours are for the tv serials in Tamil as some of them are very impressive with best acting and that is great.
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