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    The mindset behind the criminal activities is to be corrected

    There are some people in this world who have got criminal minds. There could be many reasons for that like their upbringing, the society in which they live, their environment, the people whom they follow and abide by, frustration, neglect and injustice etc. These criminal people will adhere to all sorts of crimes because their mind set is like that and they cannot differentiate between good and bad. Their motive is only to complete the crime successfully and report back to their boss or mafia head if any.
    We generally differentiate crimes as per its intensity. Some crimes are of insignificant nature but there are some crimes which are very serious and have bigger implications. But that is not the main point of argument. The main problem and challenge is the mindset of a person who is voluntarily committing crimes not once but repeatedly till one is caught by the law. It is a big challenge for the society as well as for the administering system in the country as how to correct the mindset of these criminals and bring them back to the normal living along with the mainstream. By changing the mindset of these people it is possible to bring down the crimes significantly down but the challenge is how to do it. What are your views and opinions on this challenge which we are facing around us? Please share your valuable ideas in this respect.
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    Crime is a very serious matter to tackle as it ends up in serious consequences. Lack of education is the root cause of people committing offense. For example, poor parents do not send their children to school for their selfish needs and send their teenage children to work in hotels and garage to earn money. While working at these places they come across criminals also and make friends with them. When they do not get jobs as adults they start doing chain snatching , robbery, theft and pick pocketing. I think the NGOs should identify them and provide training to get a job and earn money. Further, proper counselling is also needed. It is indeed challenging to wean them away from crime because they are used to get a solid income without working hard and they have influence of rich and powerful people to bail them out from the lock up.

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    For that matter there is a department in Home Ministry which is called Institution of correctional studies headed by IAS officer and the main aim is to correct those hard core criminals who are lodged in different jails across the country, to shun their criminal mind, join the main stream of life and lead the normal way. But correcting some hard core minds are not that easy as they would have lots of vengeance against those who are responsible for sending them to jail and they even plan next action to assault them. But good approach by the correctional studies can create wonders as even the Naxals have changed their mindset and joined the main stream of life. One thing is sure there cannot be same rule of changing the mindset, as the criminals hail from different background and they have to be dealt with solid correctional methods.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is always possible to easily bend a plant but very difficult to bend the same when it has become a tree. This will stand good in all aspects of life.
    Generally, the criminal mentally of a person can be understood when it is in its initial stages itself. When a small kid brings and shows his mother the pencil he has stolen from his friend's bag, the mother should take it seriously and warn the kid and see that he will return the pencil to his friend. Then the only the kid will understand the mistake he did and he will never repeat the same. If she takes it easy, the kid will repeat such acts. So we should stop kids from doing such acts in its budding stage itself. Many criminals are grown-up kids who were not taken care of properly during their childhood.
    The responsibility of the parents will be high in this. Grown-up criminals will be more dangerous and we should punish them severely then only we can stop them from doing the same mistake again and again.

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