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    Bulldozers and votes

    That India is ruled by a blatant communal party is known to everyone in this country. It is rather sad that the great PM, who is the leader of this communal party never opens his mouth when the party chamchas go beyond all decent limits.

    The latest is the bulldozer threat. Some guy of the ruling party threatens to use bull dozers to race down houses of people who do not vote for the BJP!!

    What democracy are we in? Is it not a direct threat to democracy? Why is the PM silent? Does he not owe an apology to the nation?
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    These days politicians never mind using their tongue in any way they want. They never think about what is going to happen to them if they talk as they like. Probably they feel that they will have the support of their senior leaders.
    To strengthen their thinking senior leaders will never open their mouths against them. This is happening in India and almost all party representatives are talking like this. Very unfortunate.
    An MP from Hyderabad said that if police were not there for 15 minutes he will see that there will not be any Hindus in this country. A CM of a state says that he will see that the PM of the country will run away from the country.
    All politicians should mind their tongue and use decent words and talk properly. They should understand to attract a section of voters they should not annoy other sections of voters of the country. A very bad state of affairs. As responsible citizens at least we should try to be polite at least.

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    It is the election time to five states and naturally controversial statements and even damaging twisting blatant words would come out of leaders mouth and that is no surprise at all. When Fatwa is issued by a community head not to vote for particular party, is that not objectionable to author. When an MP from Hyderabad openly said and threatened that 15 minutes enough to eliminate all Hindus across the country if police keep quiet, is that not more damaging. When Raja Singh MLA from Hyderabad said that bulldozers would be operated to raze the buildings of those who vote against the BJP is the defending way going to polls because when others are aggressive taking their religious heads into the poll arena, he chose to say that would fear the voters. When EC has taken the statement light, why the author is bothered.
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    There are some political leaders who are not having control on their tongues and they are creating a lot of controversies in the public and people are asking apologies from them which they may not like to offer. This is really a very unfortunate situation that these leaders are not thinking what they are telling in public and how much damaging effects these statements will create in the public. Defaming other leaders or people in public is in bad taste and this is to be avoided not only by the leaders but by the general public also who get a chance to speak in a gathering or public meeting. Even if one person does like that then it starts a chain reaction as some other person starts to answer that allegation or statement.
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