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    How can one manage on their own when their close ones ditch them and do not help them?

    The great poet Rabindranath has written such a wonderful lyrics "Jodi thor dakh sune kev naa ashe,thobe ekla cholo re". Sometimes when we want to be amidst people for some reason or other,nobody bothers to come to you. Some people are bold enough to ignore such people and would practice to be alone and do even difficult tasks all alone. They become more independent and capable by doing so. Nevertheless, there are some others who are extremely sensitive. They brood , shed tears and remember the time when they had lent their shoulders to the same persons to cry on. Have you ever faced such a situation in life? How did you deal with it?
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    Generally our relatives and friends will extend a helping hand if we are facing some problem. At the same time we also try to help them whenever such a need is expressed by them. These things depend on the individuals also as there are some people who do not want to take obligations from others even if they are the close relatives or friends. When some people are having that type of temperament then other people also do not like to take help from them. This creates a peculiar situation where no one is helping other person. Helping each other is a mutual process it doesn't work one sided. Mutually helping each other creates a cordial environment where people can live peacefully and co-exist.
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    That is a real bad situation. When we expect somebody close to us to help us and if they ditch us we don't know what should we do? Many times these days such things are happening in this society. They act as if they are very kind and very near to us when they have some work with us. Once their requirement is fulfilled, they may not look at us.
    Some people will understand the nature of such people and ignore them and continue to work on their own. But some people take such issues to their heart and will become emotional.
    I have seen many such people in my life. But slowly I started understanding the real nature of the people and I never used to be near to such people.
    Some people will come to us when they are in difficulties and we will try to help them to the maximum extent possible. But the same people never look at you when you require their hospitality. We will understand the real mentalities of the people only in such situations.

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    When the close ones ditch, the life would become more challenging because, when we had such a huge hope of managing things and suddenly parting ways would become extremely challenging. Especially when big celebrations and functions are being slated surely we pin hopes for huge participation and help from the close ones. But there are people who shed their tears at the drop of every small problem faced by us and we think they are with us but that is one more way of with us however they are acting for name sake. What I understand that those who are with us during the good and bad times are the real people ever required for us but we must also learn the life to live without others help and that would be formidable improvement from our side because self confidence and self improvement to manage the crisis on own pays.
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    We rely upon our friends circles since at every stage, they are our guiding factors. Whenever we are depressed they come to our life giving us tremendous courage to go ahead with plan. Whatever we have achieved, it is only due to their appreciation and encouragement. This being one of the aspects of their close association but suppose it takes a transformation of 180 degree all of sudden, the setback would be colossal and at least, it will take some time to restore normalcy. However, it is not that we would not be in a position to regain our confidence after this unexpected event. Believe in the supreme power and he will guide you how to overcome the situation. He would provide you all the means to come out of the bad phase. You need to concentrate on meditation and you would see him guiding you to show the beam of light in the midst of darkness.

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