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    How do you clear clutter at your home and office and how often?

    Litter around the house looks very untidy and it is an eye sore too. Therefore, things have to be put in places as a clean surrounding not only looks good but also makes the members of the family relaxed and help them to make their mind calm. Some people do not dispose off their old clothes, shoes ,slippers and even old books which they would never use if future. And the cupboards will be seeming with clothes. Further, some even store extra things under the cots and in open lofts. It is always better to give away things if you do not use. At least some needy ones might get benefited if you donate them. How do you deal with the extra possessions? Do you pack the things which you do not need at present but might need it in the future and store them neatly and safely?
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    In our house, my wife will be looking into all the almirahs and the material which is not useful or not in use will be taken out and disposed of. If we feel the items are useful but we will not use them, we will offer those items to our driver or servant maid. If they are not useful to them also it will be handed over to the waste collection person along with the waste.
    Some items will be used very rarely. They are useful only when there is a celebration or festival in the house. Such items will be packed neatly and will be stored in the store area. The store area will also be inspected by my wife once in a while and see that the store is clean and it is not getting cluttered.
    Even clothes that are no more used by us will be donated to needy people. That is why in our house all wardrobes will be always clean and neat. No waste material will be there in the house. Of course, books will never be discarded even though presently nobody is using them. They will be there in the library and referred once in a while.

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    We are duty bound to clear the clutter either at home of office regularly and that may be every week or at least twice in month. But before removing the clutter, we must make sure that the items and the things are no more required and while disposing let their be record of what is being disposed. Sometimes in office the loose papers are kept for future reference and if that is disposed off then it would to great problem. Likewise even at the home when we move some items or dispose off some articles, care must be taken that they are not required anymore. Because some times back we disposed of unwanted wires and that included important cables of computers and gadgets and thus we ended up purchasing the new when we discovered that wanted items were already existing and we cleared that. So all these things must be taken care.
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