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    In the name of Rapid transport Telangana wants to waste money

    While there is no doubt that public transport system need to be developed connecting the viable routes, but when already existing routes are available why the not the same be used to full potential. The Telangana govt has proposed to have regional rapid transport system between Hyderabad and Warangal and Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Already the train route exists between these two corridors, and the state wants to develop its own Rapid transport on the lines of Metro rail in Hyderabad. The cost would be whooping and the existing lines would go waste. What is your suggestion to Telangana govt ?
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    The project is in its initial planning stage. This regional rapid transport system(RRTS) is to provide high-frequency, point-to-point travel at a speed of about 180 kmph. This RRTS will have its own dedicated pathway. This model is different from both Metro and conventional suburban railway. This will aim at passengers who look for long-distance fast travel. Initial they are planning to take up two routes. Hyderabad - Warangal & Hyderabad - Vijayawada. These two routes will have good traffic and may get good income.
    Already there are good roads to these two places from Hyderabad and people are able to reach Warangal in 2 hours and Vijayawada in 4 hours. By having this new RRTS, how much time we will save is it to be seen.
    However, it is still in its conceptual stage and still a long way to go. At this stage, it is very difficult to comment on this. But when we look at it, it appears that the project is not very much essential for the present. There are many other issues that are to be addressed.

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    Generally this type of projects are conceived in those areas where there is a big crowd and existing bus and trains are not capable to cope up with that load of people moving from one place to another. If the project is being conceived considering those parameters then it seems logical to go ahead with the project. Any transportation project should be based on the real requirement and with the future perspective in that area related to the people commuting from one place to another. Otherwise this may be a great wastage of the government exchequer. Let us hope that Telangana government must have taken all these points in considerations before embarking on this ambitious project.
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    I don't have much information about this but I want to tell you one thing TSRTC is in debt and the Metro is also the debt of 1 crore per day. The Electricity board is also not in Good shape. So there are so many things...
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    Bhushan your observation is right and my apprehensions also coincides with it.
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