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    Who is your most respected politician in Indian politics?

    We have seen many politicians in India. We are seeing some politicians now. We heard about many other politicians through history books and from our forefathers.

    Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Sastri like this the list goes on. Many of us will have respect towards these politicians. But we will have the highest respect for one of the politicians.

    I respect Lal Bahadur Sastri as the best politician I ever heard or seen. He was a very simple and down to earth politician. He was one politician who never compromised on values and used his position or power for the benefit of his family or for his personal benefit. He lead the country very ably at a very difficult time also. We rarely see such politicians these days.

    I request other members to share their most respected politicians and what are the special qualities of that particular leader.
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    For me NTR stood tall in the Indian politics during his days, and that was the formidable growth of a actor who made the Congress to bite the dust. Even today for Congress party NTR name is the nightmare as he unseated the biggest party in just 8 months of TDP formation with one great slogan of Atma Gouravam means self respect and that made him best leader in the state and grabbed power. He was also recognized as the best leader at national level and even had the chance to become PM. The national front was his brain child and that proves he was accepted as the national leader. The towering personality, the determination to send the unwanted party to nothing in politics and all could be possible without bribing the voters and if he was alive the TDP would have been the strongest national party.
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    There are many names figuring on the Indian political canvas attracting our respect and attention for the work they had carried out in the country for its progress and development. One such leader was Sardar Patel who was instrumental in bringing the unity and cohesion in our country just after the independence in 1947. He was even proposed to become the first prime minister of India but due to some political reasons that decision was later changed in favour of Mr Nehru who was definitely a towering figure and a choice for PM post at that point of time.
    Sardar Patel was the person who considered the integrity of the country at the forefront and always fought for that. He had a great capacity and aptitude for taking strong decisions which are required to be taken in a country of varied cultures and communities like India.

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    There are many but I make a special mention about Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehruji is the first Prime Minister of India. He was very honest. A well-educated and well-read person. He wrote books also. Nehruji nurtured the infant country and guided it on the right path. He followed a mixed economy and was instrumental in building multipurpose projects. Many of the prestigious educational institutions were started by him which put the education in our country on the right path. He built a socialistic pattern of society for the welfare of the common people.
    Nehruji was a statesman. His self-knowledge was great and was always ready to accept criticism, unlike the present-day politicians. He encouraged criticism so that something can be learned from it. Nehruji is the target of some politicians now as they dread him. They are trying to malign him but Nehruji is above all these criticisms. He will come out bright and shining from all these baseless criticisms.

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