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    Do you think OTT system is both beneficial for Producers and viewers?

    Presently OTT system getting more prominence in entertainment world. Many producers trying directly to release on OTT platforms. Some producers after releasing in theaters, after few days or weeks are releasing on OTT platforms. The super hit movie like Pushpa was released on OTT platform also after little gap. The producers are getting revenue from both platforms. Low budget movies can sell it on OTT platform so that they can get reasonable profit without much worry. The audience also watch the movie on OTT platform without much cost at their convenience. They can repeatedly watch without paying anything. The movie reach large section of people. Members please express your opinion
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    Going to Cinema Theatres is a hectic activity because we have to bear so many charges like Transportation charge, want to take a snack, cool drink or any other we have to pay more money than we pay usually. Time-consuming in Travelling to and fro (from theatre to house and house to the theatre) apart from the movie ticket charge if we have four or three members in a family means we have to pay at least 2000 rupees to watch in a decent theatre. additionally the virus. But if you see it OTT then a subscription for a year costs around 960 which means per month we need to pay 80 rs and with our comforts of viewing that...So OTT is a nice platform.
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    What I presume that OTT was fetching when everyone are stay put at the home and they need to have some entertainment source and OTT was the best options. Now the economy has opened, the artistes who were paid less and nothing are wanting to earn more. The theaters which are built for shows are now rearing to go full box office. People are ready to support theater viewing because nothing matches to the hooting and cheers among the crowd for every scene and action and for that reason they are ready to shell out money for even repeated viewing of same movie. OTT has lost relevance in this back drop and therefore the producers also feel that there is no much payback from the exhibitors through OTT. When movies are made with such huge expenses and canvas, it must be watched on big screen. That's all.
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    Watching a movie on OTT is profitable to both viewers as producers of the movie and at the same time, the OTT platform also will make money. What we are paying for an OTT provider is a very reasonable amount and all the family members can watch at a time or at different times based on their time and availability. The movie can be watched multiple times if we are interested. The producer is getting money from the OTT platform provider. OTT provider is getting money through advertisements. So that this profitable to all.
    But by going to a theatre and watching a movie there will be a different experience. The satisfaction we get will also be different. So if there is a chance people prefer to go and watch a movie in a theatre. If people go to a theatre they have to spend more but some people will get employment there and transportation providers also will get some profit. Auto drivers, cab drivers, the people selling food items in theatres and some others will get some employment and a means to live.

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    While OTTmught not sound very beneficial for the big budget movies,it has still given some solace to the producers during the last 2years. As for the viewers, it definitely is a help to those who cannot afford to go to the theatres for entertainment. Going to the theatres demands planning , while entertainment is just a click away with OTT. One can check out the movie at his own sweet time that too with pauses and resumes in between.
    So it is a nice thing for the viewers who are ready to see the movies with lesser clear sound and clarity.

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