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    What is real Intuition for the people?

    Have you experienced intuition in reality?
    I think When we feel strongly contemplation about something with any proper logic. It may be intuition. we have lots of examples we a soul get the intuition their aptitude totally change. because it makes the person more sensitive to the world.

    According to you what are the real Intuition to live happily?
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    What I feel that if a person has the strong will power that is enough to take him to logics and end of the performing actions and thereby guaranteeing the happiness in life. Without initiating the happiness wont come to life, and that initiation should be free from doubts and apprehensions, and if the mind is clear and ready to accept any challenges and setbacks on the way, then the confidence level is at its best and he would not bow down to detractors planning him to dislodge from achieving the goal. When you see the record of the performing persons, they all started alone with none supporting them, and as they progressed one after other making a strong impression of no going back, the people got awestruck and cannot even compete with him and thus those who are self confident and strong will power always stood winner.
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    Intuition is a process of speculating something with logic and ingenuity. It may come as per our expectation or not that is a different thing but many people claim that their intuition came out exactly as perceived in many situations. Intuitions are closely related with the apprehensions in our life and in fact it is the fear and unknown future that forces us to speculate and even have intuitions in that matter in many situations. Intuitions are also connected to our subconscious mind in the sense that many times our subconscious mind takes over our thinking process and then creates a lot of intuitions and speculations based on the memory and experiences which is stored there in the deep of our subconscious mind.
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    Intuition may be something that our sixth sense predicts. There may be logic for that or there may not be logic. But our intuition tells something and sometimes it may come true. Sometimes it may be proved wrong. Sometimes when I go out to get some work done, my intuition says that day I may not be able to complete my work. Even then I continue and the majority of the time I have to go the next day to complete the work. This I experienced many times.
    Sometimes my intuitions say that I will be successful and I will be successful.
    When our intuitions are positive and if they are becoming real, then we will be happy. If intuitions are negative but they are not becoming true also will make us happy. If the intuitions are negative and the same is happening we may not be very happy.

    always confident

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