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    Punjab voters to decide over crowded candidates and their preference today

    The much awaited Punjab elections are going to be held and there has been five cornered fight in many seats and the voters are holding the sway to elect which candidates and reject which party. For the first time we are witnessing over crowded participation of candidates for each seats and that includes rebels and independents, but the voters are already decided and would elect the formidable candidate to the seat and thus send packing all those who wasted their time. This time the results would be very decisive and great. Lets wait.
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    Punjab is a state where at present it is very difficult to speculate the results of coming elections because of the many reasons which will affect the political scenario in Punjab in coming times. In some areas of Punjab the drug mafia and drug traffickers are having not only the financial control but political influence also. On the other hand some areas are inflicted by terrorism and separatist elements. So telling that Punjab is a disturbed state at the present juncture will not be an exaggeration. There is a big problem of unemployment in our country and in such times it is natural that some youngsters will fall for evil jobs like drug trafficking and terrorist activities. These things are criminal in nature but they all affect the political process to a great extent because there is lot of money involved in all these illegal activities.
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    For the first time the elections in Punjab would be so complicated and interesting. It is very difficult to guess as to which party will win this time. More than two traditional parties, Congress and Akali+BJP, are in the fray. BJP fighting separately from Akalis, Kisan related unions along with Amrinder Singh faction's effect are the real interesting factors. With the change of date to 20th February, new unexpected issues have creeped in, making it a very confused situation for the voters. Till ten days back it was evident through TV surveys that AAP party will sway the elections, though may still remain short of majority. Congress could be the second, followed by Akalis and then BJP and others. But it has changed dramatically with the passage of time and extension of voting date has further added fuel to the fire. Sudden emergence of Kejriwal connections and some visible drift towards BJP in certain corners has made this election really very complicated. Only time will tell now which way it settles after the voting.

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    AAP winning would be distant dream as Khalistan connections were established and voters aware of it.
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    Predicting the outcome of these Punjab elections is very complicated. Normally, also we can't predict the winners as the voters will never come out openly to tell their favourite party or the candidate. The majority of the voters will be observing the whole drama silently and at the end, they go and vote as per their intuition.
    Initially, there was a prediction that AAP may be the winner but slowly there is some change and some newspapers reported that NDA may get majority seats. NDA has not projected anybody as their Chief Minister candidate. Whether this strategy may work out in their favour is to be seen.
    There are many other points that will influence the voter and we can't assume anything till the lost moment. So it is better to wait and watch the issues going on around.

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