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    The importance of revisions in the life of a student

    A student has to study a lot during his education years and it requires hard work to be carried out in a concentrated and focused way to get the best result out of that academic process. Depending upon the intelligence and absorption power of a student the study hours may differ from student to student. It also depends on the inclination, liking, and aptitude of a student for a particular subject where he can grasp more easily as compared to the other subjects. Whatever the case may be one important aspect in the process of study is the revision. The process of revision is very important in the life of a student because this helps in retaining and keeping the things in the mind so that same can be expressed and put in legible form during the examination. There are some intelligent and talented students who revise only one or two times and that is sufficient for them to excel in the examination. At the same time there are many students who have to revise their course many times to get it properly retained in their minds. What is your experience about this? how many times a student has to revise the course?
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    Nicely said by the author. The best trait of a performing student lies on the good revision of topics thus already gone through and by revisiting the same, there are every chance of remembering more and even connecting to the branch topics so that exam answers can be written well. By revising we are giving the brain one chance to remember and recoup with past studies and what ever points underlined during the main studies are revisited again and remembered. What I suggest that after writing the exam some times we may end up very early by completing all answers, and in that case revising the entire exam papers would be good and we can add additional inputs if any to gain more marks from the examiner. I always made the revisions, and also given sufficient time to revise the answer thus written during the exams.
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    Students need a lot of revision to do well in their exams. In the primary classes this revision needs much more than in higher classes. As the student grows understanding of topics become more important. With good understanding , revision helps a lot. By mere repeated memorizing don't help much. One important thing a student can do at any level is, after revising, if you put what you have learnt on the paper will tell you what you have finally retained. If you are able to do that successfully without seeing, you will definitely excell at any time. One thing we have to keep in our mind is our retaining capacity depends upon our understanding capacity of the topic. The other thing we have to take care at the primary level of education is we have to develop grip over languages as they help in our expressing capacity in exams.

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    It is not enough to read the entire course but the students should be able to write down the correct answers for the questions being asked in a subject. This would require the revision of the chapters which are important for examination point of view. Except a few students, it would be difficult to score high marks unless basics of chapters are distinctly clear to them. This cannot be done unless there is periodical revision of the chapters. The students should not think that they can attempt the questions with full confidence once the question - papers are before them. A question contains a lot of parts carrying one or two marks for the different parts and hence without the proper revision, scoring of impressive marks is not possible.

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    The revision brings a better understanding of the subject to the student. When we study the subject we will have a plan to complete the course by a particular date. Accordingly, we will plan to study the subjects and we will adhere to the plan. We all try to see that we will complete the subject as planned and while planning itself we keep some time for revision. This is very important for the student. He can redo the studying and in that process, he can give more time wherever required and that will give the student a better understanding.
    Many points that we miss when we are learning the subject will surface during the revision. During the revision, we will get many doubts which will help us to understand the subject much better. We can spend more time where there are some issues and understand them properly and learn the subject.
    But many times a student is not able to get time for revision of the subject. So they will try to complete that also very fast and they will be revising the subject till the last moment.,

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