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    How about using drones to spray pesiticides and manures on farm lands ?

    Indian farmers are most acquainted with the old method of tilling, sowing, spaying and harvesting the produce and traditional ways are more time consuming and takes lots of energy from the farmers. Especially when the crops are about to be attacked by insects and birds, the best way to keep them in tact is to have vigil and spray the chemicals. Now that the drone technology at the disposal, why not the state and central govt help the farmers in big way to maintain and spray the pesticides and manure. Moreover the spraying would be equal and well defined from the top of the field. Any suggestions ?
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    This proposal has been made in the recent budget by our finance minister Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman. She said the drones will be made available on a rent basis to farmers if they want to use them for their agricultural activities including spraying fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides.
    This will be very good if we have a cooperative farming system. In this process, we will have a lot of area without any partitions and the sprayed material will definitely be available to the plants in the field. If in small areas we use these drones means a lot of material may fall on the partition and the material fell there will be of no use.
    Drones will make the life of the farmer will make easy. He need not depend on the most unpredictable human beings for completing his work. But drones are very expensive and unless otherwise, the government charges a very reasonable amount towards rent.

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    Recently in the budget session, the central government announced this new innovative scheme to reduce the cost of these activities for farmers. Using modern technology for the welfare of the farmers is always a welcome idea. But the implementation part has to be both facilitated by the central and the state governments. Governments have to popularize this concept so that the farmers are able to understand its benefits. Once it is successful, like mobile phones the technology will definitely get popularized.

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    The use of drones to spray pesticides and fertilizers on agricultural land started in India.
    In a special drive to help farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday the 18th February 2022 launched 100 Kisan drone services in various Indian cities. These Kisan drones will be used to spray pesticides in fields across India. As a result of the Kisan drone service, farmers will get benefits in case of fertilizing the land and applying pesticides. Moreover, the farmers can easily keep an eye on the condition of the land and the crop by using it. In this year's budget, it was decided to provide technical assistance to the farmers jointly by the government and the private sector. Besides, the government has emphasized organic farming. There has been talked of chemical-free farming for a long time. The budget calls for the introduction of chemical-free agriculture on both sides of the river Ganges at an early stage. In this atmosphere, It is hoped that this will lead to a new tide in Indian agriculture. Introduction of co-operative farming with drones used the volume of agricultural production will increase significantly.

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    The use of drones is increasing in various areas of operations across the globe and agriculture is one area where it is getting more and more useful. Government of India is also contemplating to use drones for sprinkling pesticides in big farms to save time and also having ease of operation.
    Drones are remote controlled robotic machines which can be controlled and programmed in whatever way we want to use it. In agricultural area we can use them to sprinkle the pre calculated quantity of the pesticides in the area where the farm is located and extended. This technology is definitely going to boost the farm products as well as save a lot of time. Only thing we have to make sure is that it should be cost effective and should not cost much to farmers who are already under pressure in getting good profits from their crops.

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    The agriculture market committees in each village can procure drones and do collective spraying of pesticides on fields.
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