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    Why Indian intelligentia wont speak or raise voice on injustice ?

    There are learned people, religious heads, intelligent people, learned high officials and above all well informed persons who make the cream dela cream of our country and it is pride and prestige to have such honest people around us. But why they are not raising the voice of protest or speak out against injustice and that would have greater impact on the governance, executive, judiciary and administration. Unfortunately their education, expertise, and over all personal experience are not used for public well being. Any comment ?
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    In a recent thread raised by me, I mentioned a quote attributed to Mr. Nelson Mandela. It says "Fools multiply when wise people are silent." That is what is happening now. The wise people are keeping silent due to fear. Another reason why they are not raising their voice is that it falls on deaf ears. These are the two reasons why wise people are keeping silent.
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    Whether it falls to deaf ears or not the pitch has to be made and let others also hear.
    K Mohan
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    This is an interesting post raised by the author. It is very true that there is no dearth of intelligent people in our country. They are also wise enough to observe what is happening around them. They understand everything very clearly and know what is the root of problem. Still they don't raise their voices or resist against certain actions being done by influential and powerful people. There could be many reasons for not raising the voices but one of the most obvious and interesting reason could be their fear of getting involved and get harmed. They very well known from their experience that sometimes powerful people can harm them in many ways and at that time no one will help them. So why to invite bad times so either take side of the evil people and enjoy or be neutral. That is the policy adopted by many wise people in our country.
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    Our country is a big democratic country wherein People like Kanchi Seer were sent to jail on falls grounds. They have not even given sufficient time to such a person to talk to some lawyers also. In such a situation who will dare to talk. Everybody has a fear of these politicians. Politicians in power use the police force as their personal staff and use them to punish the people who are taking against them. Who will dare to talk? They have their own fears.
    All these intelligentsia are also making the best use of time and they are also becoming big.
    All the people are busy doing their own work and taking care of their families. They have to spare their time if they want to fight with the government and administration. They never find it lucrative and they feel not to waste their time. So they don't bother about what is happening.
    Some of them may be openly criticising the issues but nobody will care. As long as their seat is safe no politician will worry about such hue and cries and continue their own way.

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    This is a country where there are supporters for elected representatives who utter nonsense like using bulldozers to raze the houses of people who do not vote for a particular political party. The supporters say that such words are common in election time. When we have such people who foolishly support bad elements in society, what is the use of wise people raising their voices? Many eminent people are writing to the President and the Prime Minister on many issues but so far we have not seen any action or condemnation.
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    Nice post indeed and many views have already been posted. I feel that the voice that is being raised against injustice has to have the support of resouces as well. Besides, a person does not raise voice against the injustice untill and unless he is harmed to a great extent. People will generally avoid fighting against injustice till it is with others.

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    When a voice is raised for change, the people would also support for the cause and that should start from intelligent people.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would like to point out that crème de la crème is a French phrase that means best of the best and would request the author to make the necessary correction.

    Since the intelligentsia is quite less in number compared to the general public they are unable to raise their voice. If they become more in number then surely we would hear them too often. There is also a lot of so-called intelligentsia who are opportunists and come out in large groups to take a particular side. They frequently change colours also.

    By the way, anybody can raise a voice against injustice and should not wait for the other to speak out. The requirement is to raise the voice and that too by a large number of people. Then only some changes may take place. If one waits for someone to lead then is there any guarantee when the leader will come?


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