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    Have a steady mental intent to develop yourself

    There has been constant endeavor within us to develop vertically and horizontally in the life and for that foremost basic requirement is steady mental intent. If we are mentally prepared to go through the risks and challenges of life, then we are already half way win and remaining would be achieved through performance with perseverance. But the mental intent should not be wavering and it should be committed with lots of detailing, damage control exercise and above all coming out winner even in the crisis. What is your take on the subject?
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    The author is right that we should have the mental strength to deal with the issues with which we all are facing. If we are confident in our ourselves, nothing can stop us to achieve the task how difficult it might be. There are always ways to tackle the critical issues and for that we need to apply our own intelligence to get success. However, we need to ensure ourselves that there is no fluctuation of our intent. Consistency of mood is always necessary to make our goal workable. We need to have detailed plannings and the should be aware of the critical points where one can fail. With a proper analysis, we can plug the points of failures so that we ultimately achieve the desired results.

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