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    Differentially acted bus driver and conductor

    Two days back I went to one town in Tamilnadu and to reach another town I travelled in the morning hour in a local state government owned town bus. Since there was some examination scheduled on that day the bus was full of students who were reading their books. The driver was playing cine songs in the speaker of the bus. The conductor went to him and told that the students were studying inside the bus. Immediately the driver switched off the radio. Further the conductor told the other passengers not to play songs in their mobiles also. I felt surprised to see this situation and appreciated the driver and conductor once I got down from the bus.
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    Behaving sensibly according to the situation is the good trait. Normally in the town buses are having the music playing system for the entertainment of the passengers and they are doing. But in this case the alert conductor who saw many students studying for the exam has asked the driver to stop playing songs and thus helped the students and both conductor and driver need to be complemented. These are small traits to which we have to appreciate because there are adamant drivers and conduct who may argue that it is his wish and his need to play songs. Nevertheless the author has made good observation of the happening and brought the same to the notice of our members. There are many private buses operating between the towns and they play very good songs and that is the attraction for the passengers to get in and enjoy.
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    A very good gesture from the conductor and the driver. Understanding the needs of the passengers and making them happy is the best thing a service provider can do for the customer. All the students are in tension and they are reading the subject while travelling as they have to face the examination in a few minutes. In such a situation, if we disturb them with songs. really they will get disturbed. The conductor asked the driver not to play songs and immediately the driver accepted. It is a real help to the students.
    I attended my 10th examination in a school which is about 6 Kms from my school. 5 of my friends and I used to go in a horse cart. Those days it was taking almost 45 minutes. While going to the examination we all used to sit silent and go on referring to the book. But while coming back we used to talk and discuss.

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    Nowadays,even people who are rustic know the value of education and help those who study for the examinations in different ways. However, even many of the bus drivers and conductors are educated and they might also have children at home who prepare for examinations. One good deed by somebody motivates hundred people to follow suit. The driver and the conductor should be appreciated for motivating other passengers and setting up a good example themselves.

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    It is really very praiseworthy and commendable thing if the driver and conductor of the state-owned bus show such gestures and are behaving in that excellent manner. In some of the states in India we cannot believe in such a story. I have stayed in Tamilnadu for a few years and as per my experience and observations I have found that tamilians are more disciplined and more sincere in their work whether it is in a work place or business or any other domain. They have a devotion and kind of dedication for their work. They don't take things casually and execute the jobs and tasks carefully and meticulously. There is no surprise if the drivers and conductors of Tamilnadu are also showing such a seriousness in their work. I thank the author for posting this inspirational post.
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