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    Why software jobs are the only option for all Engineering courses?

    Engineering courses are the most favored courses for Indian students. While taking these courses, many students are opting for different courses like CSE, Mechanical, Civil, ECE, EEE, and so many other courses. But finally, 90% of these students are joining in software jobs. Why the skills that they acquire in different courses are not fetching the suitable jobs of these courses? Why governments and universities promote different courses without any use of them? What is the condition with regard to this in foreign countries? Actually, Engineering is a professional course where many students are able to get jobs and it is also helping to improve our economy.
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    There are jobs in other areas also. Many industries are there in mechanical, chemical and electrical fields also. The electric boards are there and many projects are in progress. In all these industries many engineers from different fields are appointing the engineers with the required skills. ONGC, HPCL and other oil companies are also recruiting many engineers. So it is not correct to say all the engineers are joining in the IT field only. But it is a fact that the majority of the engineers are preferring IT jobs. Many students prefer joining CSE or IT branches but all of them are not getting seats in those branches and they are opting for other branches. There is a feeling that the IT jobs are more lucrative and hence after completing their UG, they are all trying for IT jobs only. Many engineers these days are not interested in working on the shop floor. They want to work on virtual media only but not with other people. This is making them opt for IT jobs. Many companies are looking for good mechanical and electrical engineers but not getting them. This is the real situation.
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    Though we have lot of public undertakings where engineers like civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, instrumentation are working to take care of their jobs in such related areas but with the time, we have seen how there is the drop of demands of such engineers. Even the recruitments in these sections are not available since the employers would try to manage these jobs with the existing non executives having sufficient experience in these areas.
    Software companies don't have any options other than opting engineers who would fit in the IT jobs after some induction training. They would not mind recruiting engineers other than IT stream since the young managers would receive training from their employers for their related jobs.
    Moreover there is apathy of the students to undertake other streams due to less/ no demand after graduating from other streams. At least, the government should see that there should be abundant vacancies of engineers having passed out from other streams other than IT so that the attitudes of the aspirants could be changed.

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    Having seen the hype and the salaries being paid in the software companies, the qualified engineers also feel that they need not toil in the field work, instead do some work at the desk and earn more. The CSC course in Engineering level is aimed at giving greater filip to students to gain access to IT jobs. Not that all the engineering field students would be easy to accommodate there without knowing the basics. For that matter little training outside before joining the IT companies also gives the push. One boy who was working as front office assistant in a motor show room shifted to software job and the way he picked up the training during the freshers trait, that mattered the most and today he is the team leader of the same company and leading around 150 boys under him. So it is not the qualification matters but the interest to learn matters.
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    The reason for going for software engineering courses is mainly because of the more job opportunity in that particular area. It is only a matter of relative scope which is pulling the students towards software and computer courses.
    One general thing which is very important in this respect is that today in our country we have a large capacity of engineering colleges, institutions, and other colleges where plenty of seats are available and we are producing a large number of qualified people in the engineering field but job opportunities and positions are not available proportionately. This is a very serious situation that we have a high number of unemployed paper as the demand is very less. This is a simple demand and supply mismatch creating such a huge unemployment. There are no easy solutions to mitigate the situation and experts are wasting their long hours to find a solution for these problems. What government can do until there are solutions in sight? There might be some hard solutions which no government may opt due to the fear of getting unpopular.

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