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    Is it the right time to set up a new pre primary school

    The impact of pandemic on economy and education is not unknown to any. Many businesses closed down and many new businesses could not take off due to the prevailing uncertainties in the economy. Students have been undergoing online education since the last two years. Many parents stopped the education of their young toddlers waiting for things to come back to normalcy and then pay the heavy education fees.
    However, things are slowly coming back to normalcy. After the reopening of colleges and higher classes in the schools, now the primary classes are also opening their doors to the students for offline classes.
    So, in the wake of the situation that sees the opening of Preprimary classes i.e. nursery, LKG and UKG, is it advisable to open and set up a new pre primary school for the toddlers? Should the entrepreneur wait for few more months? Or should he set up the Preprimary school and start the marketing for the admissions as this is the appropriate time for admissions.
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    Education plays a pivotal role in every human beings' life. Therefore,now that the fear of pandemic has also disappeared it is very important that children go back to their schools. As regards, starting new schools for tiny tots if the person has enough resources and ability to run the centers .why not? Once his or her new school starts I am sure there will be admissions. There is no point in dilly-dallying when they make up their mind to open such schools.

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    For that matter education sector has become the most confusing these days as neither the govt nor the managements have any idea of future and therefore taking risk to establish new schools for primary is very immature thinking. Even though the situation limping back to normal, there seems to be new risks, new variants spread in future and WHO has already warned the world. In this back drop though India seems to be self reliant and achieved the virus management stage. but the parents are not ready to take the risk and send their wards to the school. When the existing schools with reputation has no takers in many areas, investing in new school set up is nothing but wasting money for sure. Instead of school other investing opportunities can be explored connected to the students and that would fetch good returns.
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    We are still in the receding leg of the pandemic and though the intensity is going down with time in our country but it is reported that in some countries it is still in a threatening mode. So until it is subdued everywhere we cannot be so sure of its global extermination.
    During the last 2 years many schools especially the pre primary were closed down. Once the pandemic situation improves completely then I think it makes sense to reopen some of these schools or open an entirely new one. But before doing that one has to to go through the already available schools in that particular area so that the new school doesn't become a redundant facility.

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    Still we have not recovered back from the pandemic phase, though the intensity has considerably diluted. Let us hope that the present trend will take a break and soon every establishments will run smoothly including the educational institutions.
    People have suffered this pandemic phase with a great pain. The guardians of the kids had no alternative but to accept the online mode for teaching for their wards. With the progress of time there was slackness from both the sides. Pupils had the liberty to switch off the session at any they want and the teachers were not accessible due to technical faults .
    Hope the functioning of schools will soon start with its full capacities and the pupils will be substantially benefited due to their exposure of the school environment.

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    I feel one can start doing preparation now so that the school can be started somewhere around June or July that is the next education year. It will take some time to plan and execute the same. So start making preparatory works like searching for a proper place. If the place is already identified any works that are to be carried out for modifying the existing to suit the requirement can be planned now.
    Advertising about the school and contacting the parents of the students and explaining to them the facilities you are going to provide in the planned pre-primary school etc can be explained to them so that people will come to know bout your school. All these works will take a couple of months. Then you can think of inaugurating the school. Actual classes can be started after summer vacation. There is a pre-primary school behind our house. The school was silent for the last two years. Very recently only they opened the school.

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