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    How will transfer to other cities affect the children's life and education?

    Some employees get transfer from one city to another towards their service which would affect the life of their children.This often happens with employees who work in banks. When children go to new school,in a new environment ,they get a little disturbed. Further, the local language might also be new to them. For example, when someone shifts from North to South, the language and culture is totally different.The children do not interact immediately, but it takes time. Do you know such persons who gets transferred to a different places at least more than three or four times during their service?
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    The people working in many government departments will have these transfers once every three years. My brother in law ( My sister's husband) worked in Military Engineers Service (MES). Since the job is in defence, they will be getting transfers from east to west and north to south. They have to move there. They will be provided with furnished quarters. So they will not have the necessity of shifting many heavy items. Even then they have to carry many items. He started his career in Vizag, went to Punjab, then to Chennai like this he travelled all over India. They have two sons. They were with their grandparents and completed their education in the native place only. That is one good thing for them. But the sister and her husband moved all the police. My sister is MA in Hindi and hence for her, there was no problem with language. He retired two years back and went to their native place in AP and now settled there.
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    For the Military personnel who is getting transfer it is easy for them to get the seat anywhere in India in the KV schools as the set pattern of studies and teaching timings are same and even the portions time tables are same. But the problems come with private company or the bank employees who are transferred every three years. What I suggest that either the father or mother who got transfer shift to other place and stay as PG guest and keep coming often to see the child and progress. My father was having transfers all over the India every three years and he asked us to settle in Hyderabad and he used to send us money monthly and visit us twice a year and that way we could able to stick to one place, no education suffered, all the sisters got married and even my studies and marriage was not hindered. This is best way.
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