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    What is your experience of travelling by suburban trains in Mumbai ?

    I live in Bangalore and since my sister lives fifty kilometres away from Mumbai she and her family members use the local trains. Once it so happened that we decided to go for shopping from her place to Mumbai. It was afternoon and we booked first class tickets and waited for the train. Now,the real drama unfolded as the train chugged into the platform and stopped. How fast the ladies were! They were pushing and getting in and out and I was flabbergasted at the way they got into the compartment. I could not even set one of my feet. Four or five trains came and I was so scared to get in that I dropped the idea of shopping. At last we book tickets again towards the opposite direction and boarded a train which was the starting point. After that incident,I shop and move around the area where she lives because that place is also very well developed with malls and hospitals and other important shops.
    How many of you have the experience of travelling by local trains? Please narrate your story? I am sure it will be interesting.
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    I had been to Mumbai many times. I use generally cabs only to move around. But once I used these local trains. My brother was staying in a suburban area in Mumabai. He came and met me in the hotel I was staying and then he wanted me to see his room once. He was unmarried at that time and stayed alone. As he will be accompanying me I thought I can experience the traffic these local trains once. It was about 12 Noon. My brother brought the tickets. The train was starting from that station only. So we could get into that easily but slowly within the next 2 or 3 stops the local train was very croudy. There was no necessity for people to walk. People were pushing each other. But fortunately by the time we reached the station where we got down. the traffic was very less and We could manage it easily. The return journey was in the night and I took a cab and came back in the cab. My brother told me not to take the risk of travelling alone on the local train and made me go back by cab.
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    I was told by many friends that getting into Mumbai local train is the great venture and those who traveled here would have vast experience crowd management and how to wade through crowd by pushing forward or backward. Though I had been to Chennai local trains, there also the peak hour rush is more, but what we could see in movies and other videos, the swarm of people in each station, and the train stops for few seconds make hussle and jostle to enter and exit and that makes hell of life for children and the elders. The railways are unable to control the surging crowd every time even though multiple rakes are added, more frequencies added, the rush would not subsidize, and that proves Mumbai is the most chaotic metro as far as local trains are concerned. It is better to go by bus which is good for some extent.
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