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    Lack of sex education in Indian society

    The word sex is still a taboo in India, so it is very difficult to educate people about its relevancy. Cultural norms against discussing sex is considered to be the biggest barrier of sex education in Indian society. Many schools in different states in India are still forbidden to conduct sex education classes, this is mainly due to the misapprehension of parents that their children will get badly influenced by western culture. It is a great responsibility of each citizen to educate future generations about sex, reproduction and homosexuality.
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    Unlike the western countries and their education, we are not that forward to have the sex education as the subject in schools and we, the society and government strongly feels that when the students get into their matured life, they will know the same through their acquaintances and approaches and thus sex education during teens seems to be waste and riskful exercise. What I feel that instead of understanding the sex education our students have the tendency to experiment the same and one can understand the results and fall out thereof. Moreover our parents are more concerned about their children and they know what to reveal about this matter to the child and therefore there has been cautious approach in the issue. India is the vast country and already booming with population and we cannot take further risk.
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    Because of our conventional and traditional cultural approach and values sex education could not be adopted in our country in the same way as it was adopted in some of the advanced Western countries. But now things are changing and sex is not so taboo a subject as it used to be in earlier times in this part of the globe. The educationists and social researchers in our country are now feeling that there is a need of some basic sex education in our country so that the youngsters can get a clean idea about it and should not fall in any undesired sexual activity. There are many government projects and schemes also which time to time arrange some camps regarding the dissemination of information to the common masses related to sex and sex related thing like AIDS awareness, safe sex etc. I think we are slowly going in the direction of having more sex education to the younger generation of the country so that they get correct information in this area.
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    There is a topic on human reproductive system in all Indian Boards of Secondary education in 10th class and even in Intermediate. This topic will give a clear idea about male and female reproductive system in human body, reproductive organs and their function, birth control, AIDS, etc. So students will get all doubts cleared of this particular aspect from teachers at the proper time. In the present day children they will get all this knowledge from different sources. I think there is no worry about our children getting this knowledge because of our cultural norms. This is what you are talking about in the past times.

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    This is a subject about which not only the education system but also the family environment and society have a role to play. Giving knowledge on this subject in education will be possible only when people at the family level will consider this subject as a real information subject. There are some related topics already mentioned in our education system but when such topics discuss in classrooms, sometimes students or sometimes teachers themselves feel hesitant. It is important for people should take this subject as other subjects.

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    The unfortunate person suffering from sexual dysfunction due to lack of sex education has to go through a lot more pain than what is not. We sympathize with the lame man in a wheelchair, and we inflict hellish torment on a man with a sexual problem. But we are ashamed to look for solutions, this is our culture. Introducing compulsory sex education in school (maybe class five) from a very young age, its biological aspects should be taught to children. Proper sex education should be taught in the form of a curriculum along with not only the biological aspect of sex but also its moral and social aspects. Yes, family is the basic place of all education - in the mind of a child, sexuality should not be seen as a horrible, bad and guilty thing, but it should be presented as a normal and natural thing, the primary responsibility of which should be taken by the family. But in our country, in particular, there is considerable doubt as to whether it is still possible.

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    In India, sex is never considered to be a point that will be discussed among groups. Sex is a private matter and that should be between the couples only and they should not talk about sex in presence of children. In this backdrop, sex has become a point that can't be talked about in schools also.
    When we hide something., a human being will have the mentality of knowing more about those hidden things and his/her interest will be on knowing that hidden issues only. That is how the interest of the youth is more on this.
    So I feel it is good to introduce this education in schools.

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    Before responding to this thread, I would request Dhruba @#752648 to please go through the reply and make the correction accordingly. I am unable to connect the part "person suffering from sexual dysfunction due to lack of sex education". Revise the whole sentence.

    The thing is sex is also an aspect of life but many in our country think it is something secret and should not be discussed in public. Unless people are comfortable enough to discuss sex in public making sex education compulsory will not help. The teachers who will be providing education related to sex are also parents and when they are ashamed then we can understand what may be the end result. Before making sex education mandatory a lot of awareness campaigns on the importance of sex education is required among various sections of society.


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