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    How TRS will mar the center wall?

    TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister wants to play a pivotal role in forming the Third front to become a Prime Minister or convenor for the Third front. Total MP seats of Telangana are 17 in that one is sure to win for MIM then Tally goes to 16 in that there is strong BJP opponent in North Telangana and in South Telangana Congress are a strong opponent. So TRS will get a maximum of 6-8 seats in Telangana with this How KCR will mar the wall of the Center?.
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    Good analyse from the author and the Telangana people know that greedy KCR is now shifting to national level and wants to make his son the next CM of the state. Nothing wrong in it. But he failed to do proper home work. Whom ever he has contacted so far, has their own draw back and cannot sail with KCR or there is a reason to back out. Stalin in TN has the truck with Congress, and KCR cannot take full advantage.In Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar and Shivsena would not give the lead game to KCR. And we know Mamta Banerjee also have the eye on PM seat and therefore KCR overtures would make his car puncture for sure. By the way every party is underestimating the pride and trust of BJP has with the voters and they think change was eminent. But voters are not getting guarantee leader against Modi.
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    Political leaders have got a great quality of showing off to the public that they are going to win in the elections in any case and they even proclaim that their party is going to be a winner even on the national levels with proper coalition with other parties. Often they also tell that if everything is going well in their favour then they may also contest for the post of PM. The gullible followers are well impressed by this and keep following their leaders. These leaders believe that they should project their ambitions in the public in the best possible way and it is entirely different matter whether they achieve it or not. In some States where BJP is apparently having more hold and it is very clear to everyone, some opposition leaders are making a tall claim that this time BJP will be wiped out and they will come back in power. So they will always make such tall claims and impress the people till the election results are announced. After that they will start telling the reasons of their defeat and possibility of hacking of EVM and all those sort of things about which they would never speak if they win the election.
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    KCR is most unreliable and he is a big tongue twister. He never stands on his words. These facts are known to all the leaders of the country. The whole drama he played with Congress and how he ditched the same party after getting a separate state is known to all party leaders. He promised to make a BC/SC/ST leader as the Chief Minister of the state before the elections. But after the elections, he never thought about it.
    He doesn't want to lose his power. He is planning to make his son the CM of the state. But there is a lot of opposition within their family members themselves. He is not in a position to decide. Now BJP is becoming a little strong in the state. He is very much worried he may lose his seat. That is why he started again thinking about central politics and he wanted to become PM. Knowing his attitude and mentality no senior leader will join with him. They may say yes on the face and finally, nothing will happen.

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